Right just how tall are the Selling Sunset cast really?

I refuse to believe Romain is 5″9

The majority of the Selling Sunset cast are currently on a boujee tour of Europe and easily the biggest shock has to be Chrishell and Jason confirming their relationship. But one shock no one seems to be talking about is just how tall Romain looks compared to the rest of the cast. He quite literally towers over them in a picture on some rocks. However is he actually as tall as he appears?

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The heights of the Selling Sunset cast have been a big topic of discussion ever since the show debuted on Netflix. Everyone has been wanting to know how tall Jason and Brett really are as they seem so much shorter than the girls. But the girls are always wearing heels so how the hell are we supposed to know their true heights?

We’ve done some digging and these are the heights of the Selling Sunset cast:

Brett and Jason

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Height: 5″3

Aside from wondering whether Davina ever sold the $75million house, the question on everyone’s mind when watching Selling Sunset is “how tall are Jason and Brett?”. And now we finally have our answer thanks to Christine who revealed in an interview with Grazia the boys are five foot three.


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Height: 5″5

Mary always looks so tiny in comparison to Romain and the reason for that is she is only five foot five inches tall.


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Height: 5″5

Chrishell is officially taller than her new boyfriend Jason at five foot five inches. Sorry but I don’t think I’ll ever get over calling Jason Chrishell’s boyfriend.


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Height: 5″6

Amanza joined the cast in season two and there has been a lot of debate online about her height. Some sites suggest she is 5 foot 6 whereas others think she’s taller.


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Height: 5″7

Maya is one of the taller realtors standing at five foot seven inches.


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Height: 5″7

Heather’s impressive ponytails always manage to make her look even taller but in reality she stands at five foot seven inches.


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Height: 5″9

You just know from looking at Christine she has tall girl energy. In an interview with Grazia Christine revealed she is 5 foot 9, making her the tallest of the girls in Selling Sunset.


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Height: 5″9

And the prize for the tallest Selling Sunset cast member goes to Romain. Despite being less than six foot, he still manages to look a giant compared to the rest of the cast.

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