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Gay TikTok thinks Chrishell from Selling Sunset is with Australian singer G Flip

In one Insta comment Chrishell said G Flip’s song makes her ’emotional and horny’ 👀


Gay TikTok has a ton of rumours that Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause is with G Flip, an Australian singer and musician. Neither 27-year-old G Flip or 40-year-old Chrishell have confirmed anything, but fans think they have evidence that points to the two being an item.

Fans are saying they’ve been low key “Insta flirting”, with a loooot of Insta comments being exchanged, including one where Chrishell says G Flip’s song makes her “emotional and horny” 👀 They’ve also been pictured together at several events over the past few months. Read this for everything you need to know about G Flip.

Here’s all the evidence fans think they have about Chrishell and G Flip:

They’ve apparently been spotted holding hands

Chrishell and G Flip have apparently been spotted in Denver, Colorado in America, holding hands. Last week, fans realised that they were both on their way to the same place, after Chrishell posted a “Colorado bound” Insta story and G Flip posted one saying they were going to Denver.

American actress Molly Burnet posted an Instagram story confirming the two were in the same place together.

They were apparently pictured in Denver, holding hands. You can see the pic in a TikTok video here – it’s of two people from behind and doesn’t show their faces, but fans are saying the pic is of Chrishell and G Flip.

They’ve been ‘Insta flirting’

Fans spotted Chrishell at a Fletcher concert in LA – and G Flip was her warm up act. Chrishell even commented on G Flip’s insta about the show, saying: “I’m sad it’s over😩You KILLED IT ❤️‍🔥🔥❤️‍🔥🔥👑 “. G Flip replied: “thnx baby 😘”.

“They’ve been hanging out a bunch and Instagram flirting”, TikTok user @kales_0 claims. Chrishell posted a pic of the two of them in an Insta photo dump, and @kales_0 shows screenshots of what they say is the comments under this post. In this, one Instagram user says “Fell in love with an emo girl”, and Chrishell seems to reply saying: “Damn! That should have been the caption”. In the screenshot this comment is pinned, but there is no trace of it in the comments on Chrishell’s Insta.

However, loads of the comments that *are* on Chrishell’s post show fans speculating. One says “You and g flip? 😏😏😏” and more ask questions about the pair.

The pic in Chrishell’s photo dump (via Instagram @chrishell.stause)

Chrishell and G Flip have been interacting loads in Insta comments on both of their profiles, and Chrishell’s liked most of G Flip’s posts since February 11th this year (which is also their oldest grid post).

Chrishell said G Flip makes her ’emotional and horny’

On one post promoting G Flip’s song GAY 4 ME, Chrishell commented “Yes!!! Love this! #onrepeat” – G Flip replied with three “😘” emojis. In an interview, G Flip has said what this song is about. “I’ve been on the other end of this situation,” they said, “where girls have told me they aren’t gay, but they’re gay for me. The words really fell out of my mouth when writing this one.”

On another of G Flip’s posts about GAY 4 ME, Chrishell said: “How do you make us emotional and horny at the same time?? Your power 🤯😉👏❤️‍🔥”. 

chrishell stause, selling sunset, g flip, gay tiktok, fletcher, rumours, theories, evidence

One publication has written about this and said “we can’t tell if this is friendly banter or unashamedly public flirting”, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that I’ve never told a mate they make me horny, let alone posted it on Instagram.

G Flip’s also been commenting on loads of Chrishell’s pics over the last month, including “Hot damnnn 🔥” on one of Chrishell’s magazine photoshoots.

They’ve been hanging out a LOT

Chrishell and G Flip were pictured together at a release party for Bridgerton season two, and Chrishell again posted this in an Instagram photo dump of the event – swipe through to the fifth pic below to see.

And G Flip features on Chrishell’s grid yet ANOTHER time, in a series of photos from a friend’s birthday.

In December, it was announced that Chrishell and her Selling Sunset co-star Jason Oppenheim had split up after being together for less than a year. Chrishell’s other exes include her ex-husband Justin Hartley, who she says told her by TEXT that he had filed for divorce. At one point she was also engaged to Mr Schue from Glee himself, Matthew Morrison.

The release date for Selling Sunset season five is April 22nd. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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