This is just how mega rich all the guys of Selling Sunset actually are

It’s going to be a hefty divorce settlement for Chelsea and her husband


By now you should know that everyone associated with Selling Sunset on Netflix is loaded. The realtors have huge net worths, the buyers of the famous Selling Sunset listings obviously have loads of cash and the guys who appear on the show are no different.

A few of the women on the show are open about been married to or dating millionaires, and it’s all part of the vibe of the show. Everything is drenched in glitz, glamour and loads of money. From the husbands of the cast, to some of the millionaire clients – here are all the net worths of the guys who appear in Selling Sunset. Beware: They are filthy rich.

Christian Richard – $20million (£15million)

The huge net worths of the guys who appear on Netflix series Selling Sunset, Christian Richard

via Netflix

Christine’s husband, Christian Richard, is estimated to be worth around $20million. He made his millions as a tech entrepreneur and is now retired. He had a very successful career in software engineering, and helped to create one of the first online food delivery companies. He’s now 41, and was able to retire aged 38 because of his success.

Romain Bonnet – $500k (£375k)

Romain Bonnet

via Netflix

Romain is a model, and first moved to LA as a pastry chef. He works in construction now, and recently joined The Oppenheim Group as a project manager for many of the listings. He’s reportedly worth $500k.

Tarek El Moussa – $15million (£11.2million)

The huge net worths of the guys who appear on Netflix series Selling Sunset, Tarek El Moussa

via Netflix

Tarek El Moussa is Heather’s husband, and season four was the first time we’ve seen him appear in Selling Sunset. He’s into houses too, and is a property mogul and host of real estate TV show, Flip or Flop. The show’s name came after the financial crisis of 2008, when Tarek began to buy hugely discounted houses and renovate them for profit – “flipping” homes. He then had the idea to make the TV show and is now worth an estimated $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Jeff Lazkani – $500k (£375k)

via Netflix

Jeff Lazkani was married to Selling Sunset’s, Chelsea, but it’s been announced they are now getting a divorce. Jeff is extremely successful and is currently a managing partner at Icon Media Direct. According to LinkedIn, he’s worked for the company for 16 years and has worked his way up the ladder to his current position. In June 2016 he was promoted to the Vice President of the company and in 2021 he became the Managing Partner. His net worth is estimated at $500k.

Simu Liu – $19million (£14.2million)

Simu Liu net worth

via Netflix

Simu Liu has had a huge couple of years – playing the lead in Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and then starring as a Ken in the Barbie movie. Before Marvel, he had a number of other actor roles but since he signed to Marvel his net worth has over doubled. He’s now estimated to be worth around $19million.

Karan Hoss – $50million (£37.5million)

The huge net worths of the guys who appear on Netflix series Selling Sunset, Karan Hoss

via Netflix

Karan is introduced in season four as a potential buyer for one of Heather’s stunning listings, which was priced at $14million. He says he’s made his millions in pistachio farming, with his LinkedIn saying he is the CEO at Beauty Supply Warehouse and a pistachio grower. His profile goes on to say he has multiple companies – he’s been the CEO at Beauty Supply Warehouse since 2001 and is also the owner of Nevada Beauty Supplies. He has multiple ranches in Fresno where he grows pistachios. According to reports, his net worth is around $50million.

Brett and Jason Oppenheim – $50million (£37.5million) each

Brett and Jason Oppenheim net worth

via Netflix

Nobody should be surprised that the Oppenheim brothers have the highest net worths of all the regular Selling Sunset cast members – they literally own the business and both of the guys are qualified lawyers. They both had a career in law, also working with celebrity clients, before heading up the number one luxury real estate company in LA.

Adnan Sen – $200million (£150million)

via Netflix

Adnan is the famously angry owner of $75million house that Davina can’t sell. Adnan Sen is originally from Turkey and he is the founder of his own property developing company called Sen Properties. He also has shares in a Turkish gas company and he is a big name in the world of art. His net worth is estimated to be around $200million, and I don’t think it’s much of a surprise that the man behind the $75million listing has the highest of the net worths of all the guys who appear in Selling Sunset.

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