All the evidence season five of Selling Sunset was staged

At this point, is anything on this show real?


Season five of Selling Sunset is here, and this season more than ever, people are calling out the show as being staged. People can expect that with reality TV there is an element of editing and that drama takes the centre stage, but with the latest episodes we’ve been left questioning if anything is as it seems at all.

From dodgy editing to storylines being called out for being outright false – here is all the evidence that season five of Selling Sunset on Netflix is staged. Strap in!

Jason taking a call from a client but really being… on his camera app

All the evidence season five of Selling Sunset on Netflix is staged as cast say storylines are fake and not real

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The most viral moment from this season’s show has been when Jason leaves the office to go and take a call outside, but he’s actually just on his camera app. The moment comes in episode seven of season five, about 24 minutes in.

People have called the season five moment staged and “fake” and have speculated that it’s because actual business calls are taken when the camera aren’t rolling, and what we see on Selling Sunset is just recreations on what happened. “Absolutely obsessed with this scene of Selling Sunset where Jason is supposed to be talking on the phone but it’s just his photo app,” someone said. “All the deals and offers have been done ahead of time but they reenact it for the show and we get a photo app in lieu of a real phone call lol.” 

In episode two, the conversation between Amanza and Christine was edited and drinks kept moving around

In episode two we had the first instance of awful editing and continuity. Amanza and Christine meet up for a drink and the editing is honestly all over the place, so let’s break it down.

When Christine arrives, Amanza has a drink, which Christine says looks good and orders it herself.

All the evidence season five of Selling Sunset on Netflix is staged as cast say storylines are fake and not real

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Before the waitress even brings over Christine’s drink, a new and completely different one magically appears on the table in front of her.

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THEN the waitress brings over Christine’s drink, the same one as Amanza that she ordered, but the first one has now disappeared!

All the evidence season five of Selling Sunset on Netflix is staged as cast say storylines are fake and not real

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The scene then cuts to a different one, but when we arrive back to the scene with Christine and Amanza, Christine’s first drink is back! I am LOST!!

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But hold on it’s not over. Literally 30 seconds later and the drinks have swapped back…. again!!!

All the evidence season five of Selling Sunset on Netflix is staged as cast say storylines are fake and not real

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We’re being shown this scene as though it’s happening in real time, but it very much appears as though we saw a completely cut up and out of context series of events.

Christine and Chelsea’s babies just… disappear

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In episode three, Christine and Chelsea meet on the beach to discuss drama that’s been going on. They both bring along their babies for a cute little picnic and gossip session. But, halfway through the scene, the babies just aren’t there anymore?!

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Ahead of season five, Christine literally said the storylines in Selling Sunset are fake

If we needed any more evidence the show is staged, what more could we ask for than an actual Selling Sunset cast member saying the storylines in season five are all fake. Writing on Twitter ahead of the new episodes dropping, Christine Quinn said: “30 minutes till the launch of #SellingSunset 🥰🥰enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake storylines!💰💅.”

Ben Affleck has denied ever matching with Emma on Raya

In one episode, Chrishell is asking Emma about her love life. She makes the revelation that she has matched with actor Ben Affleck on celebrity dating app Raya, and he has asked her to meet up several times. “He may or may not have been texting me,” Emma says. “He may or may not have asked to grab coffee a few times.”

Buuuuut, a representative for Ben Affleck has denied Ben had been talking to Emma and said he had not been active on the app in years. They said: “Raya has confirmed that he has not been an active member for several years.”

Christine’s hat changing at the tea party

Later in the show, Chelsea hosts a tea party. We see Christine arrive in a blue fascinator, but in the blink of an eye this is magically a huge pink hat?!

In the office, the realtors are literally all just sat doing nothing

Do we actually just see the realtors chatting about their lives and dramas? Is this a true reflection of their working days? It kinda looks like not, because constantly in season five during office scenes the cast members didn’t even have their laptops switched on, and if they were, they were just sat on Safari.


People are saying the storyline with Christine ‘bribing’ one of Emma’s clients was fake

At the end of season five, one of the biggest storylines is that Christine allegedly paid a client $5,000 not to work with Emma ever again, and to work with her instead. Emma and Mary both say they have backed up the claims, and Emma says she knows the story is “100 per cent true”. Christine obviously denies it ever happened.

People are calling out the storyline as being fake and saying the writers need to work harder in convincing us it’s real. “They want me to believe that Christine Quinn who took her infant son on a helicopter ride was only offering a $5000 bribe? The same Christine that wears designer from head to toe? These writers need to try again,” one person said.

Another wrote: “This season of #SellingSunset is so fake I can barely watch it. Why would Christine try to bribe a client 5k to not work with a realtor? It makes no sense .. these are clients buying multi-million dollar homes.”

Christine herself is even saying the storyline isn’t real. Someone tweeted her about it and she replied: “Omg bless your heart you actually think the show is real”. She replied to another tweet saying the moment was “produced”.

To thicken the plot even more, on the show we see Mary and Jason organise a meeting with Christine to discuss what happened. Christine never shows up. Writing on Twitter, Christine explains that she didn’t go to the meeting because it “wasn’t real”.


In episode 10, Selling Sunset was back at it again with some dodgy conversation editing

All the evidence season five of Selling Sunset on Netflix is staged as cast say storylines are fake and not real

Now you see it…

In the final episode of season five, Christine and Chelsea meet up for a drink. They make a huge deal about “drinking perfume” and having these strange cocktails in front of them, but just as soon as they laugh and joke about them, they’re gone!

… now you don’t!

Flash back a few seconds later, and the drinks are back on the table. The conversation is edited to look as though it flowed naturally, exactly how we saw it, but the drinks jumping on and off the table tell a different story.

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