Selling Sunset viewers spot major ‘fake’ error which proves the show is staged

Ummm how did nobody in production spot this? 👀

Ok, Selling Sunset viewers have spotted a moment in season five where Jason Oppenheim is meant to be on the phone and it majorly makes it look like the show is staged. I’m really wondering how someone from Netflix or the production team didn’t notice this and edit it out?!

The moment comes in episode seven of season five, and shows Selling Sunset mogul Jason appearing to take a phone call. About 24 minutes into the episode, Jason leaves The Oppenheim Group office to go outside and take the call. The issue is.. he’s not. He’s actually on his camera app. Honestly, it’s laughable. Twitter has spotted the moment, and everyone is shook.

Moment in season five of Selling Sunset on Netflix where Jason takes a phone call called staged and fake

via Netflix

Is the show actually fake? This is when Jason is supposedly “speaking to a client” and doing his actual work things, yet here he is, not even bothering to set up a fake phone call. “My vibe today is Jason talking to his camera pretending to call a client,” one person said.

Another person on Twitter speculated that the phone call was set up because all the actual work deals are done outside of filming, and we just see recreations of it. They said: “Absolutely obsessed with this scene of Selling Sunset where Jason is supposed to be talking on the phone but it’s just his photo app. All the deals & offers have been done ahead of time but they reenact it for the show & we get a photo app in lieu of a real phone call lol.” 

Attaching the clip of the moment, someone else said: “Sorry but can we discuss the fact that Jason was clearly making a fake phone call on #SellingSunset and had his camera open the whole time?” Awkward. 

People have called the error “hilarious”, “not slick” and “fake”. Yikes.

Netflix, I just want to know how nobody spotted this?!

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