This is how old all the realtors from Selling Sunset on Netflix are

Amanza is 45!


Selling Sunset is back on Netflix – and that brings the return of all the drama, luxury homes and the girls slyly digging at each other about their personal lives and ages.

The girls love discussing their private lives, they enjoy nothing more than gossiping, going to parties and talking about the ins and outs of their relationships. But one thing they are all shady AF over is how old they all are. So, seeing as the girls never seem to want to share their ages, here’s how old the cast of Selling Sunset on Netflix are.

Chelsea Lazkani

Age: 29

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Chelsea joins The Oppenheim Group in season five, and is now the youngest of the women working there currently. Chelsea is 29, from London and has worked as a realtor for five years. She now lives in LA with her husband and their two children.

Emma Hernan

Age: 30

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Fresh into Selling Sunset last season was Emma, and she’s now one the youngest of the girls – aged 30. The ex-model has worked for The Oppenheim Group in between her other career commitments for a while, but season four is the first time she’s been on camera and part of the show.

Christine Quinn

Age: 33

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The queen bee of the group, Christine, is one of the youngest of the girls at age 33. She has just had her first baby with husband Christian.

Heather Young

Age: 34

Heather Young

via Netflix

Former model Heather has worked for The Oppenheim Group for about six years. She’s 34-years-old and has recently married TV star, Tarek El Moussa.

Chrishell Stause

Age: 40

Selling Sunset, cast, Netflix, ages, age, real life, Chrishell Stause

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Chrishell says on the show she hates being asked about her age all the time and is very secretive about how old she is because of how she feels people pressure her to have reached certain milestones just because of her age. She’s 40, in case you were wondering.

Maya Vander

Age: 40

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Maya is married and has two children, she confirmed this summer she is expecting her third. She grew up in Israel and moved to LA in 2002. In LA, she works for The Oppenheim Group, but when she’s in Miami she works for Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

Mary Fitzgerald

Age: 41

via Netflix

Mary is 41-years-old. She attended Ball State University, and has previously lived in New York and London working in real estate. She’s worked for The Oppenheim Group for 10 years and in season five has been promoted to Vice President.

Davina Potratz

Age: 44

via Netflix

Davina was born and raised in Germany and went to the International School in Hamburg where she learned to speak English. She studied Advertising at Pepperdine University in Malibu and got her real estate license in January 2006. In the fourth Selling Sunset series, it was announced that she had left The Oppenheim Group, but she’s back! There has been lots of confusion about Davina’s age – at first it was reported that she was 30, but she is actually 44.

Vanessa Villela

Age: 44

Vanessa Villela age

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Vanessa was another of the new faces who joined the series in season four – brought in to replace Davina. Vanessa is 44, and was raised in Mexico City. Before starting her career in real estate she starred in Mexican TV. She began her acting career early in life performing in a variety of TV shows and soap operas.

Amanza Smith

Age: 45

Selling Sunset, cast, Netflix, ages, age, real life, Amanza Smith

via Netflix

Amanza was born on December 12th 1976 in Indiana. She studied Interior Design at Indiana State University and now has two children. She split from her children’s father, but after season four revealed she has been in a relationship with someone new for two years and is “madly in love”.

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