Quiz: Which of the realtors from Selling Sunset on Netflix are you?

We can’t all be queen Christine

The girls in Selling Sunset are a lot. If you thought season one was dramatic, seasons two and three add even more – the girls have huge personalities and live for chaos. They have huge bitching sessions and don’t let anyone walk all over them. When watching the show, you’d be excused for constantly wondering which realtor in Selling Sunset you’re most like – which this quiz is luckily about to tell you.

Most of us can only dream of being as savage as Christine and getting away with it, or of being as nice and level-headed as Maya when you’re surrounded by so much carnage. A lot of us probably relate much more to being a hotmess who rushes into situations like Heather or cool and fun but still finding your feet like Amanza.

But you can only be truly aligned with one chaotic drama queen from Selling Sunset, and it’s time to find out who here.

Find out which realtor from Selling Sunset you are in the quiz below:

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