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Which Selling Sunset guy would you end up with? Take this quiz to find out

I’m not sure which twin is which, so I’ll take either

Everyone who watches Selling Sunset seems to spend the whole time talking about the girls and all of their drama. But what about the guys? The women love talking about their other halves, and Jason and Brett can get stuck in the gossiping too. The men of Selling Sunset deserve some talking about as well – and this quiz is about to tell you which guy you would end up with.

We all know Romain is a king, who would back your corner when you need him to and worship the ground you walk on. Christine’s husband Christian is the perfect nerd, who would provide a stable yet affluent life for his other half. Jason and Brett offer drive and ambition, but are obviously a good laugh too. And let’s never forget angry Adnan, the man who simply cannot budge his $75million listing – a life with him would be interesting.

But which of these is your true soul mate? Unfortunately, we can’t all have Romain.

Take this quiz to see which guy from Selling Sunset you would end up with:

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