These 21 memes prove Romain is the unsung hero of Selling Sunset

All rise for the king

In season three of Selling Sunset we stan a new king – Romain. He’s no longer just Mary’s husband, he’s had full character development and has blossomed into his own, fully-fledged hero of the show. On Twitter there are a whole bunch of memes about Romain on Selling Sunset, proving he’s got a lot of us feeling this way.

Whenever there’s drama going on, you’ll catch Romain at the buffet, but when he needs to step in and say his piece (like he did with Davina) he is there like the true king he is. He spits harsh truths, then turns to look at Mary with those adorable puppy eyes – he really is a man who can do both. And it helps that he is very good looking and has a sexy French accent of course.

Here are all the best memes about Romain on Selling Sunset, god love him.

1. He’s never not at the buffet

2. Tbf, he can toss my salad x


4. Ok, he can come second to that

5. Admit it, this would be great TV

6. He really sat there and said it !!!

7. Get it

8. Inject it


10. Just when I thought I couldn’t love him more

11. Now we’re loving it!!

12. No lie

13. He really is always eating???? Love it

14. You can’t change my mind

15. Ugh the way he looks at Mary I can’t it’s so cute

16. He’s brought more truths to this show than anyone else

17. I love him more and more every episode

18. We can always count on him

19. Simple, but true


21. Yeah, this too

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