Quiz: Stage a house and we’ll tell you how successful you’d be as a real estate agent

Millions in commission here I come!!


Shows such as Selling Sunset have turned us all into amateur real estate agents. We sit back on our sofas, snacks in one hand and phone in the other, convinced that given half the chance we could sell all of the luxury houses with our eyes closed and make millions in commission every single year.

How hard can it be? The houses are gorgeous, chuck in a few soft furnishings and they are good to go. So go on then, give it a go if you really think you can. You’ve definitely at one point in your life thought you have what it takes to be an interior designer, so put these skills to the test and stage a house in the quiz below and see how successful you’d be as a real estate agent. Do you know what art should be hung in the master bedroom? How to make a kitchen look ready to move into? Or what bedding best shows off a beachside pad?

Stage a house in the quiz below and see how successful you’d be as a real estate agent:

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