Quiz to see if you could sell the $75million listing house on Selling Sunset

Could you actually sell the $75million listing? Take this quiz to finally find out

You know, I really think I could

Right, the biggest scandal of modern times is that damn $75million listing on Selling Sunset. Davina can’t budge it for the life of her, and Jason didn’t even want it in the first place – saying it was way too expensive. Yet here we are, well over a year later, with it still listed on The Oppenheim Group website, and not sold. Davina has even managed to leave and rejoin the brokerage in the time that house has been on the market. So it’s time to out source, because the person to sell that house must be out there somewhere. And the following quiz is going to determine if you are indeed the person to sell the infamous $75million Selling Sunset listing.

Only some of us, not Davina, have what it takes to sell this house. Do you have the charisma to woo a client into thinking it’s worth the price tag? Can you get past the obvious stumbling point of the price and end up bagging the commission? Consider this an initial interview task for your job at The Oppenheim Group. Good luck. Successful results will be forwarded to Jason, with the email subject: “URGENT”.

Take this quiz to see if you could sell the $75million listing from Selling Sunset:

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All pictures of the house via Netflix or The Oppenheim Group