Personality quiz to see if you are more like Christine Quinn or Chrishell Stause from Selling Sunset on Netflix

So, are you more Christine or Chrishell? Take this quiz to finally find out

This is the biggest reality TV divide of our time

Season five of Selling Sunset is filled with even more drama from the cast, adding to what has become the biggest reality TV divide in modern times. The ongoing feud between the girls has really reached boiling point, with some of them ultimately now saying they literally hate each other. But one divide is truly bigger than them all, and this quiz is going to tell you which side of it you are on – are you more Christine Quinn or Chrishell Stause?

The two women are polar opposites and they have never got on. Christine constantly says Chrishell joining The Oppenheim Group was when relationships went downhill, drama started and everyone began falling out. Whereas Chrishell says Christine doesn’t fit the group’s family ethos and she is at the core of all the drama, and makes the entire office feel negative.

So, are you chaotic queen of drama and resident villain Christine? Or are you the seemingly wholesome, but take-no-shit Chrishell? You can only truly be one of them, and now is the time to find out.

Take this quiz to definitively find out if you are more Christine or Chrishell:

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