A glossary quiz of all the real estate lingo used in Selling Sunset on Netflix

If you score 9/11 in this real estate lingo quiz, apply for a job at The Oppenheim Group

We’re all just pretending we know what escrow is, right?


Do you sit and watch Selling Sunset wishing you could pack your current life up, move to LA, buy a huge house in the Hollywood Hills and get a job at The Oppenheim Group with all the gals? Yes? We all do, it’s fine to admit. The show gives us the impression that luxury real estate is the business to be in – it provides hundreds of thousands in commission, a fun and carefree lifestyle and you can really live the glam life you’ve always wanted to. But are you really cut out for it? This Selling Sunset lingo quiz is about to tell you.

It’s time to separate the Chishells from the wannabes, the real Jason Oppenheims from the chancers. If you have what it takes to break the real estate world you will cruise through this quiz and be in the mood for a sweet sip of some Oppenheim wine at a huge, exclusive cocktail party to celebrate afterwards.

It’s time to see if you really could actually get a job at The Oppenheim Group and if you’re down with the jargon they use every day. Take this quiz and find out the true answers, once and for all. Good luck!

Let’s see if you could be a Selling Sunset real estate agent in the following lingo quiz:

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