Stranger Things 4 trailer

Netflix has dropped another trailer for Stranger Things 4 and it looks very, very creepy

It looks so good but so terrifying at the same time

It’s been well over three years since we last saw a fresh season of Stranger Things but every day we’re getting closer and closer to the fourth season dropping next year. Netflix are keeping us all fed though and over the weekend they dropped a brand new creepy trailer for Stranger Things 4 and it looks insane.

You can watch the Stranger Things 4 trailer here:

The trailer starts in the 1950s as an unfamiliar family pulls up in their car to a new, beautiful family home. Everything is going well until the daughter finds a bloody, dead rabbit outside and then the vibe immediately changes. The house, known as Creel House, belongs to the husband and father of the family – Victor Creel.

According to the show’s Wiki fan page, Victor Creel (at some point) got his eyes gauged out from his skull. He’s been described as “a disturbed and intimidating man who is imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a gruesome murder in the 1950s.” Which is an interesting one considering the website has also listed his wife and two children as dead.

Anyway, was the trailer goes on, the two children are seen lying dead on the floor as a man stands over them. Then we’re flashed forward into the mid-80s where we reunite with Will and the rest of the gang who are busy breaking into Creel House. Things then take a dark turn as we’re shown a creepy looking grandfather clock which is…upside down.

From previous trailers for the fourth season and various things Netflix have announced, we already knew there’s going to be new characters coming to Stranger Things 4 as well as the classic group with Eleven, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Max. Netflix also revealed Hopper is actually alive when they dropped their first Stranger Things 4 trailer TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO!!