Quiz: Which Stranger Things character are you?

We can’t all be classic like Dustin

The Stranger Things gang has just returned for a third season on Netflix. And if watching the gang fight monsters, explore together, eat ice cream and fall in love has left you thinking one thing: Which Stranger Things Character are you? Then same.

If you were faced with a Demogorgon would you fight, freeze or flee? Are you the life and soul of your group, the leader or more of a silent but loyal friend? When it comes down to it not everyone can be mysterious and powerful like Eleven, edgy and cool like Robin or as classic and comedic as Dustin. Some of us just aren’t destined for such high status.

Take this quiz to see which Stranger Things character you are.

Stranger Things 3 is now available to stream on Netflix. The series is made up of eight episodes, that all dropped on the site at once. Season 3 of Stranger Things picks up in 1985 at the height of a summer heat wave. The Guardian has called the new season of Stranger Things “still frightening as hell, but far more fun”.

Happy binging!!!

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