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Stranger unis: Which iconic character would go to your uni?

Gutted if you’re Dustin’s dead cat

Unless you've been in the Upside Down, it's likely you've been following Eleven, Dustin, Will, Mike and Lucas play Dungeons and Dragons, fight evil and run around supernatural Hawkins town.

Suddenly you've got a new love for 80s music, followed Steve Harrington on Instagram and are now cycling to uni to feel like you are in Stranger Things.

But in-between jumping out of your skin at Demogorgons and wishing you were as cool as Milly Bobby Brown is age 13, have you stopped to think which iconic Stranger Things character your uni would be?

Well think no more, because we've already done it for you – spoilers ahead.

The Upside Down – Hull

Just like in the Upside Down, everything in Hull is decaying. The campus is full of dilapidated buildings and emptiness. It’s always dark and gloomy. No one with an ounce of sanity goes there and anyone who does, is trapped there forever.

Eleven – Cambridge

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Like Eleven, Cambridge students are the only ones with the extraordinary abilities to stop catastrophes. They’re quiet at the beginning of their uni experience and possesses no social skills or vocab, but when they graduate, they slowly take over the world.

Bitchin’ Eleven – Central Saint Martins

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CSM students are edgy, don’t give a fuck and always have an unwashed vibe to them.

If Eleven moved down to London for three years to study Fine Art at CSM, she would definitely evolve to look like Bitchin’ Eleven.

Eleven locked in the house watching TV all day – Kent

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Similarly if she’d gone to uni in Kent, she would’ve looked like this whilst studying for her Geology degree in between smashing Venue every Wednesday.

Blonde Eleven – St Andrews

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Eleven looks so prim and proper, she looks like she’s about to embark on a messy one at Saints and Sinners.

Will – York

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The only uni you can imagine Will going to is York. Everyone there is a bit boring, wet and pathetic. Just like Will, York students spend most of their time in an alternate dimension, reliving the same experiences in Kuda Tuesdays and Salvo Wednesdays, every single week.

Lucas – King’s College London

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Picture him now, taking long drags on a rollie and holding a copy of the Bell Jar outside the Strand, wearing a long camel coat and leaning on Somerset House. A real smooth talker/slick rick.

Mike – Brookes

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Oxford Brookes is largely made up of posh boys and girls from private schools in the south. Anyone who doesn’t fit this bill (such as Northerners or state-educated people), is cast out because they don’t own a signet ring or think playing soggy biscuit age 20 is still funny. And this is like Mike, who hates anyone ruining the vibe of his group, like girls or people with ginger hair.

Dustin – Bristol

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The majority of people in Bristol are hiding the truth about their private school background via wearing fleeces, glitter and claiming they’re a Remainer. Just like Dustin hides the truth behind the whereabouts of his pollywog, which is also something worth keeping under-wraps from the outside world, like public education and the second house in France. But there’s more to Dustin than this – he would fit into Bristol with his cool lil edgy look. He’d live in Redlands, pick up DJing and take so much MD he would mix up Motion for the Upside Down.

Max – Falmouth

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Max comes from California, and to the people of Hawkins that was exotic. Just like Falmouth in Cornwall would be to anyone in the UK. It’s a small town (they have ONE club) meaning everyone there has to play games like Pacman to have any fun. She also likes to skate, which is kinda like surfing – another one of Falmouth’s favourite pastimes.

Chief Hopper – Edinburgh

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Hopper is underrated. He's easily forgotten, but people shouldn’t forget he basically saved Hawkins, protected Eleven as well as going into the Upside Down with no sweat.

Just like Edi shouldn’t be forgotten for being a fun uni, even if it is all the way up in Scotland. Edi undergrads are a little bit up their own ass and pretentious, thinking they're right in any argument. Plus, if Hopper was in Edi, he’d fit in if he swapped his Hawkins Police jacket for a Canada Goose.

Steve Harrington – Leeds

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Where do all the seriously popular people from your school go who become BNOCs for chugging pints and stealing traffic cones, and always getting right-swiped on dating apps? It’s Leeds! Smug, excellent hair and popular, Steve Harrington would be found drinking Red Stripe in Hyde Park. He would even complete the Otley Run.

Billy – Newcastle

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Being the fittest character in Hawkins, Billy had to go to Newcastle. He’s got the long, blonde hair, chain-smokes straights and drives a fancy looking car – all the criteria for someone living in Jesmond.

Season 1 Joyce – Sussex

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I can borderline guarantee people who live in East Slope have at least once smoked so much weed they’ve convinced themselves to get in a cupboard with a bundle of fairy lights to try and speak to the dead. After the sesh in protest to the establishment and anyone who isn’t vegan, they’ll be writing the alphabet on their walls and won't give a fuck when campus security come in to tell them off.

Season 2 Joyce – Bournemouth

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But let’s not forget about cute pre-Mind Flayer Joyce in Season 2 when she’s all loved up with Bob! Joyce would’ve definitely suggested a romantic getaway to Bournemouth, where they would’ve gone on the piss to Revs and limboed under the shot stick before going on a romantic walk down the beach x x

Jonathan – Warwick

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Jonathan is a little bit weird, an outcast, kinda…boring?? The type of person you would leave bottom of your list to invite to any social plans because they’ll either be totally awkward or chew your ear off about a European convention at 2am at a house party. Just like everyone in Warwick, watching paint dry would be more fun than interacting with anyone who lives in Leamington Spa for their uni days.

Bob – Sheffield

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Oh Bob, the sweet natured man who wouldn’t hurt a fly. An all around good bloke, you’d definitely find him down in West Street Live having a few Choco Milkos and doing the conga. Afterwards it would be up to Broomhill Friery, where he’d be giving everyone drunker than him inspirational pep-talks on how to be the best version of yourself to achieve a First.

Nancy – Durham

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All the girls in Durham are slightly stuck up and own a range of awful wool jumpers. Nancy Wheeler is stuck up and scoffs at Steve’s college application whilst wearing an awful wool jumper. She’d study History and have a surprisingly fun steady boyfriend in Collingwood (Steve) before swapping over to someone more suited and boring in John’s (Jonathan).

Barb – UEA

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Nerdy, innocent, withdrawn Barb would fit right into the concrete jungle of UEA. You can imagine her awkwardly dancing in the LCR before heading to the lake pissed in search for the swans and rabbits to fill her Instagram with. Instead of falling to her fate in Steve Harrington’s swimming pool, she’d be gone forever in Norwich’s very own Upside Down (and would probably turn up in Loft).

Papa – Oxford

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A lot of people who leave Oxford will turn out to be an evil cunt, just like Papa.

The Mind Flayer/The Shadow Monster – LSE

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It’s factually impossible to graduate from LSE with your soul intact.

Dustin’s Pollywog aka Dart – Loughborough

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When you first met that boy in your Loughborough halls, you saw a promising future with him. You got on well, gave each other nicknames – everything was sweet, it was innocent. But then he started going to the gym. He started hanging out with the rugby boys and swapped date nights with you for crunching abs for #gains. Week on week he GREW and starting evolving into a muscly monster. By the end of first year he was a total fuckboy ruining your life, a far cry from the sweet fresher you once knew.

The Demogorgons – Trent

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The Trent army goes around in packs, hunting their next VKs all to throw up over themselves again and again. And if anyone gets in the way of their Ocean Wednesdays’ rampage, they will get eaten alive.

Dustin’s dead cat – Cardiff

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Remember how Cardiff are in the Russell Group? Me neither, just like how you forgot and quickly stopping caring about Dustin’s cat when Dart mauled it to death.

Everyone in Hawkin’s lab – Imperial

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You don’t care what you’re up to, or what £50k job you land once you've graduated. As long as you’re benefiting everyone else can fuck off.

Eleven’s sister – Manchester

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The pictures on the wall in the house still show you as that sweet innocent little girl. Mum and dad thought going to a top 10 UK uni in the north would keep you on the straight and narrow. Little did they know come reading week, you had dyed your hair purple, gone full goth and have a low-key coke addition. Just like Kali, being let out into the big bad world of Fallowfield and WHP really change a person. Sorry mum x

Jane (Eleven’s mum) – UWE

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Eleven’s mum, Jane, spends her days saying the same 12 words over and over again: “Breathe. Sunflower. Rainbow. Three to the right, four to the left. 450”

And just like Eleven’s mum, thanks to all the class A’s consumed down Gloucester Road, UWE students say the same four words: “Ket, Red Stripe, Lakota, where’s the glitter. Frenchay. I need a bump”.

Eleven sister's weird mates – Belfast

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Flame barrels, anarchy, bottles flying everywhere – just your standard day in the Holylands. Eleven’s crew were mental and always up for the craic, just like everyone in Belfast.

Karen Wheeler (Mike's mum) – Liverpool

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Perfect make-up, perfect hair, impeccably dressed, super hot – the ideal woman. Karen Wheeler encompasses every girl in Liverpool. Get her in Concert Square and she’d be sacking off her boring husband for more fun, younger types e.g. badboy Billy, who would definitely be found in Levels doing shots.

Ted Wheeler (Mike's dad) – Birmingham

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Birmingham and Liverpool are two northern uni powerhouses – but who do you always prefer? The answer is Liverpool, and like usual Birmingham fades away into the distance, with nothing remotely interesting to say about them.

Erica (Lucas' sister) – Royal Holloway

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With her mountains of sass and one-liners, Erica would fit perfectly into Royal Holloway. Being basically an all-girl school, she would be found in the back of an Uber telling everyone “don’t know, don’t care” to anything that doesn’t concern her – especially boys (which there are none of in Egham apparently).

Officer Callahan and Officer Powell – Southampton and Portsmouth

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Even though the funny pair has appeared in most episodes, no one even notices them. They’re always part of the picture but completely irrelevant.

Mr Clarke – Nottingham

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Mr Clarke is perfectly nice and studious but boring as hell. There’s nothing special about him, and even though he’s clever, he doesn’t notice anything beyond his own science class. Unfortunately Nottingham students possess similar traits. Everything about them is normal. Their nights out are normal. Their style is normal. And their overall vibe is – you guessed it – normal. And they don't notice anything beyond Lenton.

The Journalist – Glasgow

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Everyone in Glasgow is up for a good time and enjoys getting pissed. They’ll keep feeding you vodka lemonade after vodka lemonade until you’re so drunk you convince yourself Viper is good and the boys in their are a 8/10 and worth having a one night stand with.

Dr Owens – Exeter

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Dr Owens leads a life of denial, thinking everything is going to be okay because he can just burn the Upside Down. Little did he know that it wasn’t as easy as that. Reality truly hit him when the Demogorgons literally crawled out of that hole in front of his very own eyes.

Exeter students aren’t really that different. They’re in denial about their whole lives, trapped in the Exeter bubble and think throwing daddy’s money at everything will resolve their issues. Once the real world hits them, they’ll be in for a shock. But at least like Dr Owens, they're good at heart.