Here is everything you need to recap on before Stranger Things 3

It’s been a long time

After what seemed like the longest wait in history, Stranger Things 3 is finally on Netflix. I don't know about you, but I can't remember what I did yesterday let alone all the ins and outs of something I binge watched on Netflix a year ago. So here is a well needed Stranger Things recap, so you know exactly where we are in Hawkins before you dive back into the Upside Down.

*Major Stranger Things spoilers ahead*

If you're really lost, here's a super quick recap of season one

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Stranger Things season one on Netflix

If you can't even remember season one (it's fine, it was a very long time ago) here's a rundown of all the main storylines:

In the '80s set, we meet the gang (Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas). They kill imaginary monsters in a basement in Hawkins, Indiana.

Then Will disappears, we meet Eleven and Barb gets taken too. There's a weird aura in Hawkins connected through Eleven and Will's disappearance somehow. Then Will communicates from the Upside Down (the Stranger Things alternative world) with the Christmas lights, which is iconic. They then think they have found Will's body, but it turns out to be just a dummy.

We find out the Upside Down is a government project, and Eleven has been used as a sort of guinea pig in their experiments. Government agents go after Eleven and then, she finds Will!! Season one ended with the battle with the Demogorgon and the aftermath of everything. Woah, it was a lot.

This is what happened in Stranger Things 2:

In season two we had the arrival of an even bigger monster than before, that weird spider-like Shadow Monster – the Mind Flayer. The Shadow Monster is in control of the Upside Down, and everything inside it.

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Season two was a lot about Dustin and Lucas fighting over the new girl, Max. And who could forget when Dustin befriends what he thinks is a slug but it's actually a baby Demogorgon that kills the cat. RIP.

Will spends most of the season suffering from "episodes" where he has weird flashbacks to the Upside Down. After a hallucination, Will follows Bob's advice and confronts the shadow monster, but it forces a shadow tentacle down his throat. Vom.

During another he starts scribbling and Hopper and Joyce figure out it's a map of the Upside Down. They figure out exactly where it is, and dig to find it. They get Will out of the Upside Down and realise the virus is living in his body. It's not great.

And what about Eleven?

After season one everyone thought Elven was dead. Mike spends a lot of the second season trying to get in touch with her, because he is the only one who believes she is still alive. El was in the Upside Down after battling a Demogorgon, but she manages to tear her way out. She ends up staying in a cabin, hiding from the government officials with Hopper.

Eleven finds her biological mother, and discovers there were more children in the Hawkins Lab with her when she was younger. Then she discovers Papa is still alive!!!

And the new faces we introduced in the last season

In season two the new transfer students arrive in town from California, Billy and Max. Billy drives a Camaro, has a mullet and is a bit of a bad boy, and Maxine or "Madmax" is insanely good at arcade games.

Max becomes friends with the boys, and helps them to defeat the Demogorgons whilst Billy is introduced as having abusive relationships with his dad and with Max. Oh, and Steve when he beats him up, obviously.

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The boys and Max

A moments silence for Bob

A true hero. When they went to Hawkins Lab, Bob is set upon by Demo-Dogs and his body is literally ripped apart. Poor guy, never forgotten.

Now, who could forget *that* last scene!!!!!

The Snow Ball. Oh my God, the Snow Ball. I imagine this must be a similar feeling to a mother watching her children grow up and blossom. All of our favs are pairing up: Max and Lucas, Nancy dancing with Justin and of course Eleven and Mike!!!! The kiss gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

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Now onto Stranger Things 3!!!

Season 3 of Stranger Things picks up in 1985 at the height of a summer heat wave. The Guardian has called the new season of Stranger Things "still frightening as hell, but far more fun".

It's time to binge!!!!

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