It’s here!!! The trailer for Stranger Things season four has finally dropped

And it looks like Hopper isn’t dead

Netflix have just dropped the teaser trailer for Stranger Things season four and it shows that Hopper isn’t dead. Thank god.

At the end of season three we all thought, but very much prayed that Hopper wasn’t dead after he sacrificed himself so the others could escape from the facility manned by the Russian spies.

The new trailer shows a number of people digging into the snow covered ground, being watched by patrolled guards, one of the workers takes of his hat to reveal he’s Hopper with a bald head.

Loads of people thought he potentially went into a portal to the Upside Down or that he was kidnapped by the Russians, and it’s definitely looking like the second of the two after the release of the Stranger Things Season four teaser trailer. The trailer is titled “From Russia With Love”, so at least that’s a pretty good confirmation.

There has been no official date for the release of the fourth season, however a lot of people are guessing it will be late in 2020. There will be eight episodes for this new season and the first episode is titled “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club”.

It has also been rumoured there will be four additional character, three teenagers and one adult. However Netflix has not confirmed this.

Watch the official trailer for Stranger Things Season Four here:

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