Netflix just made a category just for movies under 90 minutes because of a viral meme

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Following a viral meme, Netflix has just announced it has created a category on site specifically for movies with a run time of under 90 minutes. And to be honest, this is the most useful thing the site has ever done.

A few memes about the length of series and films have gone viral recently, all of the Oprah Winfrey reaction during her interview with Meghan and Harry. One was about 90 minute movies compared to two hour or longer ones, and had over 36,000 retweets and 400,000 likes. So clearly this resonates with people, and Netflix was listening. Another meme added that 10 hour TV series seem easier to watch than a two hour movie, which is so true I feel seen.

After all the memes, Netflix announced the new category on Twitter, saying: “If two hour films feel like too much of a commitment (but somehow 10 ep series don’t?) this is for you: Movies Under 90 Minutes”.

What are some of the films in the ‘Movies Under 90 Minutes’ category on Netflix?

After posting about the category, Netflix followed up with some of its personal highlights for movies which run for under 90 minutes. These included His House, My Octopus Teacher, documentary Blackfish and weird horror The Platform.

When you go on the category on site, the movies are split up by further genres (honestly, it is a godsend). There are movies which are trending now, Netflix Originals, documentaries, romantic films, dramas, psychological films, hidden gems, comedies, teen films, music features, independent films, children’s movies, films based on real life, Hollywood movies, reality, thrillers, and other films based on your personal watch history and list.

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Some of these include: American Murder: The Family Next Door, Lost Girls, Catfish, Miss Americana, Rumour has it, Along Came Polly, The Call, Red Dot, Knock Down The House, David Attenborough films, Easy A, Mary Kate and Ashley films, Fatal Affair, Abducted in Plain Sight, Blackpink, Lucy, A Secret Love, Sightless, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, The Accountant Of Auschwitz and That Awkward Moment.

Honestly, there are hundreds and hundreds of them. See the full listings under the “Movies Under 90 Minutes” category on Netflix here.

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