Meet the cast of Netflix thriller ‘The One’ and where you recognise them from

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Last week, Netflix released a new thriller series called The One, which has shot straight into the top 10 list. That’s probably down to it having a pretty turbulent and dark storyline, Netflix itself comparing the series to staples such as Black Mirror, The Stranger and Behind Her Eyes, and the cast of The One containing some recognisable faces.

The series follows Rebecca, the founder of MatchDNA – a company which promises to match its customers to their perfect partner, through nothing but DNA. A body has also been discovered, and the series has a LOT going on in the background.

From child show stars to Game of Thrones actors, the cast of The One is pretty impressive too. So here’s the full cast of The One on Netflix, and everywhere you recognise them from.

Rebecca – Hannah Ware

The One, Netflix, cast, full, list, actor, plays, Rebecca, Hannah Ware

via Netflix

Hannah Ware is cast as Rebecca – the woman The One centres around. Hannah is the CEO of MatchDNA, the company which matches people to their one true soulmate through DNA. However it looks as though her character might be a lot darker, and her ambitions and impulses are getting more and more out of control. Hannah Ware is an English actress, best known for her roles as Emma Kane in political drama series Boss and as Sara Hanley in the ABC primetime soap opera Betrayal. And yes, her sister is singer Jessie Ware!

James – Dimitri Leonidas

The One, Netflix, cast, full, list, actor, plays, James, Dimitri Leonidas

via Netflix

James is Rebecca’s friend and the co-founder and brains behind MatchDNA. He suddenly left the company, and nobody but Rebecca seems to know why. Dimitri Leonidas has previously starred in Riviera, Holby City, The Bill, and as Josh in Grange Hill.

Ben – Amir El-Masry

Ben, Amir El-Masry

via Netflix

Amir El- Masry plays Ben, MatchDNA founders James and Hannah’s friend, who clearly has a thing for Hannah. You might have recently seen Amir El-Masry in BBC/HBO financial series Industry. He’s also been in Amazon Prime action series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, he was Tarek in McMafia and Youssef in The Night Manager.

Kate – Zoë Tapper

The One, Netflix, cast, full, list, actor, plays, Kate, Zoë Tapper

via Netflix

Zoë Tapper plays Kate, a police detective who uses and investigates MatchDNA. Zoë Tapper has been in series such as Safe House, Liar, Survivors, Mr Selfridge and Nightflyers. She also played Gemma in Hex and Mina in Demons.

Hannah – Lois Chimimba

The One, Netflix, cast, full, list, actor, plays, Hannah, Lois Chimimba

via Netflix

Lois Chimimba plays Hannah, who uses MatchDNA to find the perfect match of her husband. She then meets up with her, and it’s very messy. In real life you might have seen Lois Chimimba in Doctor Who or very very briefly as a receptionist in Top Boy.

Mark – Eric Kofi

Mark, Eric Kofi

via Netflix

Eric Kofi plays Mark, who is a journalist and Hannah’s husband. In real life, Eric Kofi is from London and went to The Brits School. He’s gone on to appear in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Fury, Blue Story, and as Noah in saucy period drama Harlots

Megan – Pallavi Sharda

The One, Netflix, cast, full, list, actor, plays, Megan, Pallavi Sharda

via Netflix

Pallavi Sharda plays Megan, who is the woman Hannah finds out is her husband’s “perfect match”. Pallavi Sharda is an Australian actress who has starred in some Bollywood films as well as the 2016 film Lion, with Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman.

Matheus – Albano Jerónimo

The One, Netflix, cast, full, list, actor, plays, Matheus, Albano Jerónimo

via Netflix

Albano Jerónimo plays Matheus in The One – the guy who we see Rebecca getting matched with and then going to meet up with at the beach in Tenerife, in flashback scenes. As well as The One, he has starred in Vikings, The Domain and Lines of Wellington.

Nick – Gregg Chillin

Nick, Gregg Chillin

via Netflix

In The One, Nick is Kate’s partner on the case for the Met Police. Actor Greg Chillin, who plays him, is probably best known for his roles on Da Vinci’s Demons and A Discovery of Witches. He also appeared in the final series of ITV drama Scott and Bailey and was Jack in children’s TV series The Queen’s Nose.

Ethan – Wilf Scolding

The One, Netflix, cast, full, list, actor, plays, Ethan, Wilf Scolding

via Netflix

Ethan is Rebecca’s partner, who she found through the MatchDNA process. Together, they become the face of the service and travel the world. They appear to be the perfect couple to promote the brand, but behind closed doors it’s a whole other story. You might know Wilf Scolding as Bruno in Skins, or from Doctors, The Passing Bells, Mrs Wilson or Martin’s Close. He also played Prince Rhaegar Targaryen in Game of Thrones.

Sophia – Jana Pérez

Sophia, Jana Pérez

via Netflix

Sophia is played by Spanish actress Jana Pérez. Sophia is matched on the MatchDNA with Kate, the police detective. Jana Pérez has starred in a number of other films, and is best known for Cinderella, Holmes & Watson and Our Kind of Traitor.

Laura Aikman – Lucy

Laura Aikman, Lucy

via Netflix

The character of Lucy only features in The One a few times, but she’s still worth mentioning as you definitely recognise Laura Aikman who was cast as her. You might know her as Lorna in Waterloo Road, Debbie in Not Going Out, Jo in Lovesick or as Rosie in every single weird film and occasional TV show Keith Lemon has ever done.

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