The wildest and best theories of what could happen next in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix

Yes, I do believe they are all pigeons

For the last couple of weeks, it’s felt like nothing else exists on Netflix other than Behind Her Eyes. Everyone has been talking about the wild twist ending, the memes and the clues throughout the series that still left none of us expecting what was going to happen. And now, there are a lot of theories about what could come next if there are more episodes of Behind Her Eyes on Netflix.

The limited series follows Louise, who meets and kisses a man called David in a bar. The next morning she’s blissfully unaware as she heads into work that the man she met the night before is her new boss – and he’s married. It starts off as what appears to be a story of a sordid love affair, but it soon becomes clear that something is, let’s just say, not quite right, in David’s marriage with his wife, Adele.

The ending of Behind Her Eyes explained as short and sweet as possible is that it was Rob all along. Rob, who Adele met at a mental health facility, has been practicing some strange body changing dream control so that he can live out his perfect life. Scottish heiress Adele was the first victim to all of this, with Louise ending up as collateral damage. The first plot twist saw who we thought was Adele take over Louise’s body after staging a fire at her home. She then killed her old body, containing Louise’s soul, and carried on living on as Louise. But the second plot twist was that Adele all this time has not been Adele – she’s been drug addict Rob, after he took over her body and killed her in the same vein as Louise.

So, what’s next? Strap in for the wildest Behind Her Eyes theories.

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Louise will still be (kinda) alive, according to the pigeon theory

People who haven’t already come across the wild part of the internet which is the Behind Her Eyes pigeon theories probably just read that subheading and think I’m crazy. Believe me, when I first read about it I thought it was going to be bullshit too. But now, I fully believe.

The pigeon theory really comes into play at the end of the final episode. After the fire, when Louise (Rob) heads back to her flat, a pigeon is sat on her kitchen counter. The bird flies out the open balcony doors and away. People think the bird was Louise, and she took the pigeon’s body last minute to save herself. The pigeon is also shown as having a very clear green feather, which is Louise’s orb colour.

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One Reddit user added: “The incorporation of a bird within the last ten minutes is quite random and seemingly irrelevant to the height of the plot and feelings viewers are experiencing about the first plot twist. Keeping this in mind, the script writers foreshadowed many things throughout the episodes to build up the ending. Isn’t it probable, by showing the bird for mere seconds, could be foreshadow for the beginning of the following season? If there’s to be a renewed season, and let’s say Louise indeed has moved into the body of a bird, then it was a sly hint embedded in the final moments.”

Adele is a pigeon too

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Pigeons actually crop up a lot in the series, which is making people believe they must have a huge relevance, and there’s a pigeon Adele as well. When Louise (Rob) enters the flat in the final episode, she looks menacingly at the pigeon and the camera is held there for a while – to make sure people notice the bird. People think this, and previous clips, mean Adele is a bird too.

Another Reddit theorist said: “As mentioned previously a pigeon showed up earlier and there was a lot of emphasis on it sort of keeping an eye on what has been going on since Rob killed Adele (thought he did). In a last minute effort Adele transported her soul into a pigeon and has just been keeping tabs, which is why Rob looks at it so menacingly in the apartment.”

Someone else added: “Also in an earlier episode at work Louise stared at another pigeon. I wonder if this could have been Adele?! Or maybe it’s just to bring awareness and symbolism of the pigeon to the viewer?”

Both Adele and Louise could now be stuck in their pigeon forms, because being able to astral project relied on them counting to 10 on their fingers – something which pigeons can’t do, obviously.

Louise’s keychain will have Rob found out

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Another of the theories is that Louise’s keychain, which was given a lot of focus in episode five of Behind Her Eyes, will be vital to getting Rob found out. When Adam (Louise’s son) returns from holidaying in France with his dad, he gives the keychain to Louise as a gift. It has the Eiffel Tower on and a keyring which reads “Je t’aime” – I love you in French.

People think the chain may get brought up in conversation somehow, maybe by Adam, and when Louise (Rob) doesn’t have any idea about the relevance of it, or the story, David and/or Adam will soon realise Louise isn’t herself.

Others added that there may have been hints to this being relevant later on in the series, when we were shown flashbacks to Rob cooking for Adele and David at Adele’s parents’ estate. One person on Reddit said: “Yeah, did you notice when they were cooking and he was pretending to be a French chef, he kept saying ‘Je t’aime’? The same thing that Adam’s keychain souvenir to his mom said.”

This is suspicious to say the least, here’s the full theory explained. 

Adam’s dad will save him from his new life

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There’s no denying it, we are all very concerned about the welfare of Louise’s son Adam. In the final scenes, Louise turns to him and says “maybe I’ve changed” and he sinks his head knowing his mum is acting differently but having no clue it’s because she’s now actually a drug addict called Rob. Our hearts bled. Someone PLEASE check in on Adam.

But there are theories that Adam’s dad, Ian, will be the one to come along and save him from his new, tainted life. Adam’s dad is shown as a caring and sympathetic man, and he and Adam get on well, and Adam even gets on with Ian’s new partner. So why doesn’t Adam just live with his dad? In the book it’s hinted (sorry if you haven’t already read about this), that Adam could be Rob’s next “victim” and he say all ties with Ian and Adam need to be “severed”, adding: “Adam’s departure from my life will need to be somewhat more dramatic. It shouldn’t be too difficult to arrange. Children are notoriously accident prone.”

One viewer who believes Adam’s dad could come and save the day said: “I think that’s why they made Adam’s dad, a sympathetic character with a caring partner so he could always go to live with them later.”

David will have another affair, and the cycle with Rob will carry on

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Of course, there’s nothing to say that the story of astral projection and moving bodies is over. David notoriously has had a few affairs in his time, and given that he’s going to surely soon clock on that Louise isn’t acting herself – what’s to stop him finding a new love interest? And if so, Rob will then find out again, and the whole story will keep repeating itself until Rob gives up (which will probably be never). 100 seasons of Rob as different people? Sure.

Will Anthony have some sort of relevance?

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Remember David’s patient Anthony who had a melt down and then turned up at David and Adele’s house? In the book the series is based on, it’s said that Anthony is fixated on David, and began stalking him and that’s how he got hold of his and Adele’s address. This has me questioning, will his character get some more of a backstory? If he is obsessed with David, quite similarly to Rob, will he be spying on him or follow him when he leaves with Louise? Maybe he’ll see something or find something that could help unravel the story?

Sophie will be in the story more

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In the series, we only meet Louise’s best friend Sophie a couple of times. She raises concerns about Louise and David, and Louise doesn’t really pay much attention to her. In the book the series is based on, Sophie has a lot more of a backstory, and ends up being completely cut off by Louise when her and David get married and run away. But would a best friend just happily see their friend disappear with a man they weren’t sure on in the start? Will she get back in contact with Louise and realise she isn’t acting herself? Surely there could be some character development for Sophie, and she could potentially be key to people realising what’s going on?

David finds the journal and learns everything

The final of the Behind Her Eyes theories is that David could find Rob’s journal which Adele gave to Louise. He would then read all about astral projection and might connect the dots about why Adele wasn’t acting herself before she “died”. He then could realise that after this death, Louise began acting funny as well. We can all pray that he clicks and sees what’s going on, and maybe, just maybe, his realisation could protect Adam too.

No pressure David, but you need to realise what’s happening here so we can all sleep at night.

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