Behind Her Eyes viewers spot a clue which means *someone* might not actually be dead

Ok this changes everything

If you’ve watched Behind Her Eyes, you’ll be well aware of what I mean when I say *that* ending. And if you’re not, you should probably turn away now. But what if I said to you that having only just come to terms with everything that happened at the end the series, people are now saying that none of that might even be true and there was a major clue we all missed. Enter the Behind Her Eyes pigeon theory.

Which yes, I’ll hand it to you, sounds absolutely crazy. But do you remember the plot of the ending? It wasn’t exactly hinged was it? So hear this one out, because it’s probably got some ground to stand on.

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What is the Behind Her Eyes pigeon theory?

Right, let’s get into it. At the end of Behind Her Eyes, we see Adele in a fire at her home and Louise astral projects her soul up to room, where Adele has already left her body and is hovering above. In this moment, Adele takes over Louise’s now empty body and comes upstairs and kills Louise (who is now in Adele’s body on the bed). So now, Louise is technically dead, but Adele is alive living in her body.

But then there was the second plot twist! And we find out that all along Adele has actually been Rob, as he did the same thing to her. Adele and Rob swapped bodies and Rob used this moment to kill real Adele and live on as her. So now, the only one who is still alive is actually Rob – in Louise’s body. Woah.

Now this is where the theory comes into play. After the fire, when Louise (Rob) heads back to her flat, a pigeon is sat on her kitchen counter. The bird flies out the open balcony doors and away. People think the bird was Louise, and she took the pigeon’s body last minute to save herself.

Behind Her Eyes, pigeon, bird, theory, Netflix, ending, Louise, Rob, Adele

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Someone on Reddit said: “My notion…After Adele flees the scene in Louise’s body, she enters the apartment and there’s a pigeon sitting on the counter. She coolly stares at it for a few moments until it flies out the balcony door. I believe Louise last-minute swapped bodies with the bird.”

Others have noticed that there have been pigeons crop up a lot throughout the series, and that the camera does linger over them quite a lot – so they must have more of a significance. People say they think the bird might actually be Adele, or that the birds throughout the series could be both Louise and Adele, having both taken over pigeons before their deaths.

Another Reddit theorist said: “As mentioned previously a pigeon showed up earlier and there was a lot of emphasis on it sort of keeping an eye on what has been going on since Rob killed Adele (thought he did).

“In a last minute effort Adele transported her soul into a pigeon and has just been keeping tabs, which is why Rob looks at it so menacingly in the apartment. I think the reason she can’t leave the pigeon and reclaim her own body is because she can’t count her 10 fingers so she’s trapped watching Rob ruin her and David’s life.”

It is true, there are shots of pigeons throughout the series a lot. And in the final scenes of Behind Her Eyes, Louise (Rob) creepily looks at the pigeon for a few seconds before it flies out of the flat, so surely it has some sort of meaning or why would it at have been put there? Also, the pigeon has a very clear green feather, and green is Louise’s orb colour – just saying. 👀

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