11 lingering questions I need answering about Behind Her Eyes so I can sleep at night



So, everyone is talking about Behind Her Eyes on Netflix right now. In particular, the twisted ending which nobody could predict and requires at least three to five working days to come to terms with. And now, there are a lot of questions I have after watching Behind Her Eyes, and I’m not sure my life can carry on as it was before until they are answered.

It’s been a decent amount of time since I watched the finale episode and I’m still not okay. I still dream about Adam and pray for his safety, I’m still unable to come to terms with having to not be angry at Adele as she’s not actually a villain, and I’m still so confused about how David is yet to pick up on all of this happening around him?

I need these Behind Her Eyes questions solved, or at least for someone to confirm I’m not completely losing my mind and that more people feel the same way about the series as I do. Help.

*Contains spoilers for Behind Her Eyes on Netflix*

1. Can someone please check in on Adam? I’ve never worried about someone more

Right, let’s get this out the way. I have lost SLEEP over the safety of Louise’s son, Adam. The way he said “you hate boats” and she looked back and was all like “maybe I’ve changed” truly shook me to my very core. Is Adam going to be okay? His mother is literally dead and now he’s being brought up by a drug addict who has inhabited his mother’s body. And you know he knows nothing is the same now. I’m scared for him. I will adopt him if necessary.


2. How did David not realise that Adele wasn’t actually Adele for literally like 10 years?

I think apart from Adam consuming my every thought, one of the main questions I have for Behind Her Eyes is how did David not realise? He says he’s mentioned Adele acting funny and him not feeling as though he loves her anymore, but there’s having an off day and acting funny, and then literally being a different person for the entirety of their marriage. You mean to tell me he’s never thought about this more? And maybe realised his wife sleeps a lot? And idk, acts a lot like a certain person they both know she KILLED? Doesn’t add up to me.

What’s more, Louise literally tells David she knows Adele has been spying on them, so how does he still not know about astral projection and his wife’s involvement?

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3. And even more so, how has David now not realised that Louise isn’t Louise?!

Louise in the last episode is not Louise. And boy you can tell. She behaves differently, talks differently and even to an extent looks different (those eyes will haunt me forever). David still went ahead and married her. Is he ok????

4. What was Louise actually hoping to achieve by astral projecting herself up to Adele in the fire?

Throughout this entire series I haven’t been able to make sense of Louise’s logic. She ignored so many red flags about Adele and David’s marriage, and yet still stuck her nose in until it was too late. And now, when she believes someone is burning to death in their home, she thinks the logical thing to do is leave her body and go and have a peek? Just call the fire brigade??? Why you out here moving your soul up to go and check on her?

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5. Was David really just coincidentally at the fire Adele’s parents died in or?

Did David start the fire at the family estate to inherit Adele’s fortune? Did Adele actually do it? There seemed to be a huge focus on this fire and David suspiciously just being there as it all unfolded to save Adele, and then we never found out the significance of it all.

6. Is Rob going to carry on moving around or is he done now?

So Rob has gone from Rob, to Adele and now to Louise. He’s married David (again) and this should be his dream life. But David is a notorious woman-eater, so is he going to have another affair when he notices Louise acting like, you know, not actually Louise? Does this mean there’s another victim of Rob pending? WHEN WILL IT END?

7. Side note, but where is David’s office and can I book an appointment?

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Sorry, but it’s swanky.

8. Is all this astral projection stuff even real?

This series has got me seriously wondering if: 1. I can actually control my dreams. 2. Can I travel to other places if I try hard enough? 3. Can people actually swap bodies through astral projection? Call me crazy but I’m open to anything now and I don’t know what’s real and what’s not.

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Astral projection is real, and is a type of out of body experience (OBE) – it’s a sensation of your consciousness leaving your body. However, an OBE and astral projection are not exactly the same thing. Astral projection is an intentional effort to separate your consciousness from your body, whereas an OBE is usually unplanned.

You can, kinda, do it in real life. Similarly to manifesting, people believe it is a spiritual thing that you can actually do. But, beyond just extreme daydreaming, there’s very little evidence that people can actually do it and you can’t just go around swapping bodies with random people. Here’s a full explainer, if you’re really interested.

Science lesson over, back to the main questions at hand.

9. Why did it take Louise the entire series to read Rob’s journal when it’s literally like 12 pages long and all notes?

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If you think I’m not angry that Louise didn’t just finish reading that lil book in 10 minutes, you are greatly mistaken. Rob’s journal, which was handed to her by Adele who is actually Rob (it all makes sense now), is tiny and the writing is huge and all spaced out. Louise read about a page a day like it was the Oxford Dictionary itself. It could definitely have been read in half an hour.

10. How am I actually meant to feel about Adele?!

Throughout Behind Her Eyes I hated Adele. She was the mysterious and creepy wife who was ruining David’s life and manipulating Louise. But now, I’m meant to just suddenly realise this was all a lie and it’s been Rob all this time? The only Adele who was real was the sweet and caring young Adele in flashbacks. She deserved so much more, but I just can’t take the evil woman with a fierce bob and unnecessarily threatening knife for cutting herbs out of my head.

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11. Yet again, is anyone going to come and save Adam?

Sorry, I just can’t stop thinking about this. Is his dad not worried? Where is Adam now? Has anyone heard from him? Please.

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