All the details and clues in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix that you definitely missed


Behind Her Eyes is the wildest Netflix show around right now. And everyone is saying the same thing: There’s not a single chance in hell that anyone could have predicted the crazy twist ending. But what if I told you there were plenty of little details, clues and easter eggs dotted throughout Behind Her Eyes that all foreshadowed what was about to come?

Let’s just say, it’s a wonder none of us realised what was coming sooner. Netflix has pretty much dangled the ending in front of us from the very beginning. Here are all the details in Behind Her Eyes, which I’m sure you will have missed. Sorry in advance if you end up kicking yourself, or watching the whole series again after reading this.

1. Um, Rob is literally in the promotional picture and the ending is right there in front of us

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I am shook that for one: I never even noticed that Rob was down the bottom of the promotional picture for the show? I always thought it was just David, Louise and Adele over the woods? But no, he’s there!! And there’s a green orb going from Rob, up and around to Louise’s eyes.

Netflix itself has even confirmed that the poster was alluding to Rob’s secret and the twist ending. It was right there in front of us the entire time. I’m done already.

2. Rob literally told us Adele was his escape, and there were no lies here

In a flashback, we see Rob travelling on the bus as talking about his life. He describes Adele as an “escape from his life” – just right at that moment we didn’t realise he meant that quite literally.

3. Remember Adele cooking all those fancy and elaborate meals for David? That’s because Rob loved cooking!

In one scene, David comes home and Adele has filled their huge dining table with food to try and win him over. This was another clue that Adele is in fact Rob, because in the flashback scenes we see the three of them at Adele’s parents’ estate and Rob wows David with his cooking skills and Adele doesn’t make anything.

Behind Her Eyes ending explained: So, what the hell just happened?

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Behind Her Eyes, details, clues, easter eggs, ending, Adele, David, cooking, food

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4. ‘Adele’ was addicted to heroin the entire time

But obviously, it’s Rob who was introduced as being a drug addict and that’s why he was at the mental heath facility where he met Adele. The drug use is a clear nod to Adele not being herself.

5. Adele’s mannerisms changed after Rob swapped bodies with her

Adele in the flashbacks you could say was a completely different person – because yeah, she was. She was caring, kind and sweet and now she’s the scary and creepy woman who seems to be wrecking David’s life. And then after Rob takes over her body, her entire behaviour suddenly changes. She’s timid around David, and there’s one clip where she’s hiding in an entryway to her parents’ estate, just as Rob did when David first arrived.

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6. Adele even talks the same way as Rob used to write in his diary

There’s one scene where Adele talks about her “shitty” life and goes off on a bit of a rant. Now read this little rant Rob has in his journal, which is clearly shown to us:

Behind Her Eyes, details, clues, easter eggs, ending, Rob, notepad, dreams

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Sound familiar?

7. And like, why would Adele have even given Louise the diary in the first place?!

Adele wanted to encourage Louise to control her dreams and give astral projection a try – but why? Because it was Rob all along and he had his plan from the very first time Louise and David were together!

9. Throughout, camera angles showed us astral projection and when we were seeing things from someone else’s prospective

Most of the scenes where David and Louise are together, the camera angle is from above. This is meant to signify that we are seeing it from Adele/Rob’s perspective during astral projection of her spying on them.

Behind Her Eyes, details, clues, easter eggs, ending, Louise, David, orb, astral projection

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8. We were showed Adele astral projecting to spy on David and Louise early on, we just didn’t realise

In episode one we see Adele at home asleep like this:

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Then next thing you know we’re watching Louise snoop around David’s office and David and Louise together at work from a very high angle (Adele’s perspective). Episode one!!!!

Behind Her Eyes, details, clues, easter eggs, ending, Louise, David

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10. Adam’s night light changes colour

At the start of the series, the night light that Louise’s son Adam has in his room is green (note: Louise’s orb colour). Later on, the light is now blue (note: Rob’s orb colour). There’s also a strange blue orb filter around the camera shots which are filmed from above (Rob’s perspective) as though Rob is in the room. He’s already planned what he’s going to do.

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11. Even Louise’s wardrobe was a hint at her orb colour

Go back and watch the series again. Louise is almost always wearing green.

Behind Her Eyes, details, clues, easter eggs, ending, Louise

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12. Adele has a real deep look around Louise’s flat, and we should have known what that meant

Remember how they were always pushing that you can only astral project to a place you know? No wonder when Adele first visited Louise’s flat she snooped around so much, she was familiarising herself with it so she could project there later! In episode two Adele walks around every room, out on the balcony, even into Adam’s room and looks in depth at every single photograph and where everything in Louise’s flat is.

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13. Adele tells Louise she experienced night terrors as a child

But we know now that she didn’t at all, and that was actually Rob.

14. Rob even damn well said ‘I’ll swap you’ to Adele

Netflix dangled all of this in front of us – we’ve been taken for FOOLS. In a flashback Adele and Rob are seen sat in front of the fire at her parents’ estate discussing their lives and struggles. Rob details all of his troubles and Adele talks about how being rich can still be lonely. He then literally tells her he’d swap lives with her. OK THEN.

Behind Her Eyes, details, clues, easter eggs, ending, Adele, Rob

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In another flashback, Rob is in the bath and he hands Adele his box of heroin and spookily tells her it’s “something to remember you by”. This is clearly foreboding that he’s going to drug her and then his little box will remind him of her when he’s parading around in her body.

16. The pigeons, the goddamn pigeons

Behind Her Eyes, details, clues, easter eggs, ending, pigeon, Netflix

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Ok so, the pigeon theory. This is probably something you never even considered whilst watching the series. But there are pigeons everywhere, and the camera weirdly hovers over them a lot like they have a big significance. Mainly, in the last episode after the fire and when Rob is now Louise, Louise (so Rob) heads back to her flat and there’s a pigeon on the counter. People think the bird was Louise, and she took the pigeon’s body last minute to save herself.

Louise (Rob) creepily looks at the pigeon for a few seconds before it flies out of the flat, so surely it has some sort of meaning or why would it at have been put there? Also, the pigeon has a very clear green feather, and green is Louise’s orb colour – just saying. 👀

Here’s a full explainer of the pigeon theory, read it and then tell me you don’t believe.

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