These are all the real life filming locations used in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix

So, can I buy David and Adele’s house or what?

The latest psychological drama to hit Netflix is Behind Her Eyes, and the twisted thriller has it all in terms of filming locations – from huge stately manors to North London flats, and quaint coffee shops to parks and schools. So you might be left wondering if any of the filming locations in Behind Her Eyes are actually real. And the real question is, can you go and have a nose at David and Adele’s amazing house?

The series is about Louise, who has an affair with her new boss David, but then ends up befriending his wife, Adele. Which might sound like a typical drama about marriage scandals, but it’s not long before you start to realise that there’s a lot, yes, ~a lot~ going on behind the scenes.

Filming for Behind Her Eyes took place across Islington and other London locations, as well as Scotland and Brighton. Here are the highlights of the real life places the series was set, including Hampstead Heath, the cafe Adele and Louise met and the characters’ houses.

Ok, so is David and Adele’s house at Maddison Terrace real?

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David and Adele’s house is an incredible townhouse. When she’s not at the gym, Adele spends pretty much every single moment there and there are lots of scenes showing her and David arriving and leaving – with the Maddison Terrace road sign on show. So you’re probably wondering if this road is real, which in short, it’s not. There is no Maddison Terrace in Islignton, or in London at all. It’s most likely the exteriors were filmed in a studio, or a road nearby other filming locations and the road sign was made up and added.

Louise’s flat in Behind Her Eyes is in North London

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There are several shots in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix where you can see the location of Louise’s flat. In one clip, she’s shown out on the balcony and the Emirates stadium can be seen in the background. Louise’s home is in the desirable Aubert Court in Highbury, which is a mid-century development, highly sought after for the semi-circle wraparound balconies which overlook London. Two bedroom flats here can sell for around £450,000. 

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Is Kinbridge Primary School real?

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Adam, Louise’s son, is shown as attending Kinbridge Primary School. The two of them walk there, so you’d think it is in close proximity to their flat. However, there is no real life school with this name. These scenes could also have been filmed in a studio, or at another school or similar nearby location with the name and sign added in by Netflix.

The bar where David and Louise first meet in Behind Her Eyes

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The series kicks off with Louise being out for a drink and she first meets David. At this point we have no idea he is married, or that he’s going to turn out to be Louise’s new boss the next morning. The bar is Clerkenwell Grind, on Old Street in East London. Just before the shot inside the bar, the bridge over Shoreditch Overground train station is shown.

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The exact locations Adele and Louise first meet and then go for coffee

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After David and Louise’s encounter, Louise then awkwardly bumps into his wife, Adele. This is shown as being on the corner of Dresden Road and Hazellville Road in North London. This road is real, and the shops are all real and as they appear in the series too. The only difference on the Google Maps image (below) is the florist Adele falls over outside, but Rewild is real, so it’s most likely just an old Google Maps picture.

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After knocking her over, Adele says Louise needs to repay her by coming for a coffee with her. They head to 70 Mountgrove Rd, London, which is the home of Fink’s Salt and Sweet Cafe. Here is described as a rustic-chic cafe-deli with pavement seats for upscale sandwiches and salads, plus coffee, wine and beer.

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It’s not quite as around the corner as is made out on Behind Her Eyes – the cafe is about a 40 minute walk away, in Finsbury Park.

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Adele’s family home in Behind Her Eyes is in Scotland

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Adele’s huge family manor house is shown in flashbacks throughout the series. Its said to be where David rescued her from the fire which killed her parents. In episode four we see Adele and Rob visit the house together. It’s definitely the most impressive filming location used for the entire series.

The house used is Ardkinglas House, a category A listed country house on the Ardkinglas Estate in Argyll, Scotland. The estate lies on the eastern shore of Loch Fyne, and the house is located close to the village of Cairndow. The estate now covers more than 12,000 acres of rolling hills and landscaped parkland. The centre of the estate was Ardkinglas Castle until this was replaced by the new house in the 18th century.

According to the estate’s website, you can book weddings and events there. It’s also home to some accommodation and gardens, and if there wasn’t a pandemic, you could have tours of the grounds. The gardens look quite similar to some of the garden scenes in Behind Her Eyes.

It’s not the first time the grounds have been used for filming either, the house has been used as a filming location for television series including The Crow Road and films including The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep.

Another of the filming locations used for Adele and Louise’s meet ups is Clissold Park

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In episode three, Adele and Louise are shown going for a coffee and a catch-up in a lovely outside cafe and gardens. This was filmed in Clissold Park in Stoke Newington, London. This is about a five minute walk from where they first bump into each other and go for coffee across episodes one and two.

Adele and Louise go for a run at Hampstead Heath

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In episode four we see Adele and Louise go on a run together, before sitting on Hampstead Heath in North London. They sit overlooking the athletics track on Parliament Hill, which is one of the famous views over London from the Heath.

Brighton is another of the filming locations Behind Her Eyes takes us to

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Later on in the series, Louise heads to Brighton as David’s past is brought up more. Netflix has shared some behind the scenes pictures of filming taking place at the train station there, after she leaves from London Blackfriars station. We also see Louise walk along the seafront and go to a cafe, filmed at Cosiez on Upper St James’s Street. The Sussex countryside is used for the footage at the end of the series.

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