Behind Her Eyes ending explained: So, what the hell actually just happened?

When I say I am shook


Ok so if you’ve just watched the ending of Behind Her Eyes on Netflix you probably need your whole life existence explained, let alone just the ending. There is simply so much to unpack about the finale of the thriller. You could have literally hinted at that ending throughout the entire series and I still don’t think I’d have guessed that was going to happen until it was playing out right in front me. Shocked is an understatement.

The series is pretty painstakingly slow until about episode five. We meet Louise, a single mum who suffers from night terrors. She meets David in a bar and they kiss. Next thing, Louise is heading into work and David is her new – married – boss. Yikes. It looks like the series is going to be a typical story of an affair, but Louise then befriends David’s wife Adele, and we soon start to see that there is something dark going on behind the scenes.

So let’s slow it down and have a little recap – here’s the ending of Behind Her Eyes explained. Strap in.

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Ok, so here’s a full breakdown of the Behind Her Eyes ending explained

The ending of Behind Her Eyes explained as short and sweet as possible is that it was Rob all along. Rob has been practicing some strange body changing dream control so that he can live out his perfect life. And Scottish heiress Adele was the first victim to all of this, with Louise ending up as collateral damage.

But let’s recap. Adele and David got together after David saved Adele from the fire which killed her parents. David suffered from awful burns, and Adele was sent to Westlands Rehab to cope with her grief. It was here that she met Rob and they became best friends. After leaving the mental health facility, Rob and Adele remained friends and Adele and David married. Rob and David seemed to get along well. Then the series skips to the affair that David and Louise have and Adele acting let’s just say, weirdly.

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At the end of the series, we learn that Adele has been leaving her body through astral projection and has therefore seen everything Louise and David have been getting up to in their affair. We also met the last woman David had an affair with, Marianne, and we know that by confronting her, Adele didn’t win that time – so this time she decided to keep her competition close, and befriend Louise.

Adele gave Louise Rob’s old notepad, where he had written about his feelings for Adele and dealing with lucid dreams, as a way of coaxing her into leaving her own body and controlling her night terrors. This all fed into Adele’s final plan. She had also managed to manipulate Louise into turning on David and supporting her.

We also learned that Rob had somehow died since, and Adele had covered up the death. When hiding the body in the well at her parents’ estate, Adele dropped David’s watch into the well too, which is why Adele and David could never break up – because they were both implicated in the death together and she could realistically blame him if things ever went sour. Adele had the control over David she always wanted.

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But when David decided enough was enough and he was going to go to the police and end it all, Adele knew she needed to get control back. So she staged a fire and a suicide attempt at her house, knowing that Louise would come to her rescue. Louise couldn’t get inside, so used her dream controlling and astral projection to leave her body and go towards Adele.

But Adele had left her body too, and used this chance to take over Louise’s empty body, enter the house and kill the actual Louise, who was now in Adele’s body. Basically, Adele swapped herself with Louise and killed Louise when she was in her old body. Therefore, Adele could live on as Louise, happily ever after with David and he would be none the wiser.

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But then there was the second plot twist!!!

We see another flashback to when Rob first convinced Adele to practice astral projection with him. Side note: It’s clear from before that Rob is pretty obsessed with Adele. The pair leave their bodies, and Rob (now in Adele’s body) is very happy with his quick transformation, but Adele (now Rob) hates it and can’t move properly. Rob (as Adele) straddles his old body (the real Adele) and injects an overdose – therefore killing the real Adele and his old body. So it turns out, this whole time Adele has been Rob in her body!!!! No wonder David doesn’t love her anymore and has been seeing her acting weird!!!

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But hold on, that now means that Adele didn’t swap bodies with Louise – Rob did!!! Rob is now Louise!! Louise (Rob) and David (still just David) get married and begin to live what should be happily ever after. But little does David know he’s actually just married Rob in Louise’s body.

Earlier in the series, Rob had said he was interested in men. Whilst never labelling himself, he did seem to have become interested in David over time. So this explains why he would have wanted to take over Louise’s body and live with David. Rob admitted to being jealous of the relationship David had with Adele, and had left his body to spy on David and Adele having sex. When speaking to Adele, Rob described David as “kind of perfect”.

If you are still a little confused (honestly, aren’t we all): Real Adele has been dead since the beginning, as Rob killed her when they first swapped bodies and he took over her, and now real Louise is dead too and Rob is in her body and married to David.

I’m so shook I don’t think I will ever recover.

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