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Were you actually paying attention during Behind Her Eyes? Take this quiz to find out

Only Rob is getting full marks, if you know what I mean

Behind Her Eyes was one of those whirlwind shows where you feel like if you blinked, you could have missed a key clue to what was coming next. I’m pretty sure nobody, unless you’d already read the book, could have predicted what was going to come at the end. But, how well were you really switched on to what was happening throughout the series? This Behind Her Eyes trivia quiz is about to tell you.

Did you notice every single clue and easter egg that was put in the show foreboding the ending? Do you remember every last detail of the plot, the twist ending and all the cast members? Or were you on-and-off watching, but still left Googling astral projection and the pigeon theory? Here’s a test of your true Behind Her Eyes knowledge, and I’m pretty sure only Rob could get full marks, because he sees everything. If you know, you know.

Take this trivia quiz to find out just how well you were paying attention during Behind Her Eyes:

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