This is what the cast of Behind Her Eyes on Netflix are like in real life

Eve Hewson, who plays Adele, used to prank call the actual Justin Timberlake as a child?!


You don’t have to tell me because I already know, you’re hooked on Netflix series Behind Her Eyes. So if it’s not coming to terms with the twist ending, laughing at all the memes about the series or Googling the filming locations – you’re probably desperate to find out all there is to know about the Behind Her Eyes cast.

The series follows four main characters: David, Adele, Louise and Rob. David and Adele are married, but David starts having an affair with Louise who is his new employee and Rob is an old friend of Adele’s from when they were together at a mental health facility. Despite having an affair with her husband, Louise decides to stick her nose in even further and befriend Adele, and soon finds out their marriage is very, very dark. Then that’s where the simple plot lines end. The rest is deep. Like, real deep.

So what are all of these twisted and creepy characters actually like in real life? Here’s a deep dive into the real lives of the cast of Behind Her Eyes on Netflix.

Eve Hewson – Adele Ferguson

Age: 29

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via Instagram @mephisevehewson

Eve Hewson plays creepy and mysterious Adele in Behind Her Eyes. In real life the 29-year-old actress is Irish, she was born in Dublin and now lives in the US. Her full name is actually Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson and she has a pretty strong Irish accent in real life too.

Her first major role was in the 2011 drama film This Must Be the Place. She played Yvonne in the 2013 thriller film Blood Ties and Nurse Lucy Elkins in TV series The Knick. In an interview she said that she started acting when she was young, and aged 15 decided she wanted to do it full time. She then went to acting school at NYU.

Eve Hewson, Instagram

via Instagram @mephisevehewson

On Instagram she looks like loads of fun. She has 177k followers and her bio describes her as “very Irish”. She posts loads of pictures of her working on her acting projects, as well as pics of her at home and all dressed up for shoots. She shared a picture of her and the actor who plays Rob with the caption “BFFs” and if that doesn’t make you feel wholesome despite the ending of Behind Her Eyes, I don’t know what will.

Eve Hewson, Robert Aramayo

via Instagram @mephisevehewson

Oh, and her dad is legendary vocalist in the band U2, Bono! In an interview on This Morning, she said that she would often steal her dad’s star-studded contacts book and prank call the actual Justin Timberlake. She said: “I like to take advantage of my circumstances sometimes, and when I was younger I stole my dad’s address book, I tried to prank call a few people, but Justin picked up, so we asked him trivial questions from the back of a cereal box. He did well and I think that’s why he didn’t hang up, I don’t know what his need to win is he must be a very competitive person.”

Possibly the weirdest but best celebrity anecdote ever?

Tom Bateman – David Ferguson

Age: 31

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via ITV

31-year-old actor Tom Bateman was cast as David in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix. He was born in Oxford and has 12 siblings, including a twin brother named Merlin. David studied drama at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

He is now best known for his roles on the television series Da Vinci’s Demons, and in the film Murder on the Orient Express. He’s been with British actress Daisy Ridley since 2017, and it’s rumoured that they are engaged. You might recognise her from Star Wars and she was also in Murder on the Orient Express, which is where her and Tom met.

Other than that, he’s a bit of a dreamboat and does a lot of photo shoots.

Simona Brown – Louise Barnsley

Age: 26

Behind Her Eyes, cast, Netflix, real life, ages, age, Instagram, job, relationship, actor, Simona Brown, Louise

Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock. Simona Brown at ‘The Little Drummer Girl’ premiere, BFI London Film Festival, 2018

Simona Brown is cast as Louise in Behind Her Eyes. She was born in London, and grew up in Peckham. Simona was trained at the Identity School of Acting, but can also sing and write, and has said she would like to go into directing one day.

You might have seen Simona before in Murdered by My Boyfriend, The Casual Vacancy, The Little Drummer Girl or Grantchester. Netflix viewers might also recognise her from the 2018 series Kiss Me First.

Not much else is known about her personal life, and she doesn’t have any social media accounts.

Robert Aramayo – Rob Hoyle

Age: 28

Behind Her Eyes, cast, Netflix, real life, ages, age, Instagram, job, relationship, actor, Robert Aramayo, Rob

via Instagram @memphisevehewson

Robert Aramayo is the 28-year-old actor who plays Rob in Behind Her Eyes. Robert was born in Hull, England, and went to The Juilliard School, a prestigious private performing arts conservatory in New York, after winning a place there at college.

From 2016 to 2017 he played the role of young Eddard Stark in the sixth season of Game of Thrones. He keeps his private life to himself, and has never confirmed any relationships nor does he have any social media profiles. Damn! But I believe Eve Hewson when she said her and Robert are besties in real life.

Robert Aramayo, Game of Thrones

Robert in Game of Thrones

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