Netflix film The Platform is ‘seriously disturbing’, ‘a nightmare’ and a ‘gut churner’

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Netflix’s latest horror film The Platform is seriously messed up, frightening and holds a big message for society.

Netflix dropped the award winning film last week and it’s all anyone can talk about. Based in a prison with a tier ranking system the horror movie is very intense and not for those easily scared. It features cannibalism and is all about exploring the worst impulses in human behaviour.

The film is essentially a message about the uneven distribution of resources shown in a VERY fucked up way.

What is Netflix’s The Platform about?

Netflix have described the horror film as “a twisted social allegory about mankind at its darkest and hungriest”. The movie is set in a tiered system prison, with two inmates on each floor.

Everyday an incredible buffet of food is prepared with enough food for all prisoners and is then lowered down through the tiers. Those on the top tiers gorge on the food, taking more than is needed, leaving those at the bottom with nothing.

The inmates are moved around the floors each month and naturally it all descends into exposing the worst behaviours of humanity which involves cannibalism and brutal murder.

The reviews of Netflix’s The Platform say it’s an important message for our time and that it’s “fucking mental” of course

The reviews of The Platform call it a mix of horror and social commentary. The Guardian described it as “a devilish recipe of Cube, Saw and Snowpierce” and said it’s “a horror film with something to say”.

The Evening Standard said the film is essentially a “metaphor of capitalism and the class system” and the film has freakish timing with the current situation of everyone panic buying. The Telegraph has called the film a “dystopian gut-churner” and described the plot as something which “springs from a long night of undergraduate drinking”. Lol.

Twitter is incredibly freaked out by the film. One person said its “fucking mental”, another said they’re “terrified of the maniac who came up with this shit” and another claimed the film is “the weirdest” they’d ever watched.  A lot of people on Twitter have been comparing the film to Parasite and saying its even better.

Watch the trailer for the The Platform on Netflix here:

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