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The 17 ridiculous questions Abducted in Plain Sight leaves you with



Abducted in Plain Sight is the latest Netflix true crime documentary that has got the nation hooked. It is based on the real life story of Jan Broberg, who was kidnapped by a family friend, Robert Berchtold. Berchtold was known to the family as "B" and despite multiple obvious red flags, at the time he was able to manipulate and brainwash Jan's entire family and kidnap her not once, but twice.

From start to finish, the documentary is a rollercoaster that makes you question everything.

These are the questions you have after watching Abducted in Plain Sight:


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1. B 'loves' Jan and is allowed to kiss her when she's a child?

Literally four minutes into the documentary it's revealed "B" loves Jan, and kisses her. The parents say his "fascination was disturbing". This is an immediate red flag. Surely if someone's fascination with your daughter raises concern you bin him off straight away, end of story??

2. Jan goes missing, but her parents don't call the police for three days?

Straight up – what?! Jan Broberg goes missing on Thursday 17th October 1974, and her parents didn't ring the FBI until the Sunday. "I didn't want to get all these people worked up for nothing," says her mother. But her 12-year-old daughter has disappeared for near on five days. Granted, in those days there weren't mobile phones, and sex offenders were unheard of, so they might have assumed Jan and Bob had just got stuck somewhere, but still – ring someone to help them get back!!! Your daughter is missing!!!

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Jan Broberg (top left) and her family

3. Why do the police seem more worried about Jan than her actual parents do?

B's motorhome is gone, blood was found on his car window, the car window was broken from the inside out. There's footprints from the car and motorhome tracks, that point towards B having carried Jan to his motorhome. The FBI obviously assume it's a kidnap situation, like everyone else would, but Jan's parents remain convinced there is no foul play.

4. Everyone seems to know B is weird, but nobody does anything?

The FBI find out B has an "infatuation for young girls" and the neighbours say they thought he was weird and wanted nothing to do with him.

"My brother was always a sexual pervert, he always did like young girls. He was a paedophile and I knew that," says B's brother. Well sure, didn't think about telling anyone that did you?!

5. Why did Jan's parents think it was fine that B built a wall in Jan's room to separate her off from her sister?


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Robert Berchtold with Jan

6. They also thought it was totally normal for Jan to sleep over with him?

Jan's parents established B's obsessed, so why let him sleep in the same bed as Jan? AND let her go away with him on her own?! It's later revealed B slept in the same bed as Jan four times a week for six months, right up til the day she was taken.


This moment is stand-out weird. The guy literally just asks nicely for "relief" and no further questions, the dad does it.

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8. B tells Jan's parents he was sexually abused and raped at four years old, but this is still not a red flag?

It's also "part of his therapy" to be able to spend time alone with Jan. So let's get this straight, this man has just admitted he's a victim of serious child abuse, and is obsessed with your daughter. Yet Jan's parents don't even QUESTION the therapy, and instead let him go ahead. STOP.


WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? Jan has now been brainwashed into thinking her dad is an alien and she has to have a baby with B to save her family. You just couldn't make this up at all.


THIS CANNOT BE SERIOUS. Despite B being arrested and the FBI telling Jan's family to stay away – they remain in contact with B and his family. Jan's family then drop all charges, just because his wife Gail asks them nicely. They change their statements to say everything was absolutely fine.

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Jan Broberg now, in the Abducted in Plain Sight doc

11. How is B still managing to get into Jan's room at night?!

He's still in contact with her. Why is this being allowed to happen please?

12. Jan's mum sleeps with B, WHAT?!

They have an eight month affair. This is the guy that kidnapped and abused her daughter, the FBI explicitly told her to stay away too.

13. How did B only serve 45 days?!

Not a typo, DAYS – not years.

14. Why is B allowed to buy a 'family fun centre'?

A family fun centre run by a convicted paedophile. Let that sink in.

15. Jan disappears again, so why do her parents wait two weeks to inform authorities?


16. Why do Jan's parents seem to just give up?

B rings and says he's spoken to Jan – who has been missing for weeks. Jan's mum calmly responds "oh you did?". Then he says he thinks Jan might be turning to prostitution or selling drugs. She is a child. Jan's mum calmly replies saying oh dear, and she won't be able to sleep.

I rest my case, this is too much.

17. Hold on, was B a convicted rapist the entire time?!

I wish I was surprised but nothing surprises me now. It's not completely clear as to whether he was a convicted rapist the whole time, or if this instance happened since Jan's abduction. I NEED ANSWERS.

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