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Even MORE crazy details about the Abducted in Plain Sight story revealed

A lot didn’t make the cut for the documentary


The Abducted in Plain Sight story is one that has got a lot of people talking recently. The true crime documentary, directed by Skye Borgman, tells the story of Jan Broberg, who was kidnapped and abused by a family friend, Robert Berchtold. Berchtold was known to the family as "B" and despite multiple obvious red flags, at the time he was able to manipulate and brainwash Jan's entire family and kidnap her not once, but twice.

Abducted in Plain Sight leaves you with so many questions, and it has been revealed by the documentary's creator, that not all details were included in the show. There are even more crazy and disturbing parts of the wider Abducted in Plain Sight story that the documentary doesn't include, here they are.

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Robert Berchtold and Jan Broberg


Robert Berchtold had used the alien abduction story on other victims as well

It wasn't just Jan and her family that had been brainwashed at the hands of B. In Abducted in Plain Sight, it is said that B played recordings of aliens to Jan after he abducted her, and convinced her she was part of an alien mission as a way to be able to abuse her. Skye Borgman told Vanity Fair that it wasn't just viewers that struggled to believe this part of the story, she did too: "Well, maybe it doesn't matter if it's real. Maybe this is what Jan has had to tell herself to cope with the situation and get through it."

She also reveals when they were working on the film, another of Berchtold's alleged victims reached out and told them he had also told her she was a princess from another planet, and used the alien story on her.

The only explanation Borgman has as to why Berchtold may have used this narrative is because of the popularity of science fiction at the time. There were a lot of stories around about UFOs, and people really questioned if they were real.

The documentary was the first time Jan's father, Bob Broberg, had publicly spoken that handjob moment

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Bob Broberg in the Abducted in Plain Sight doc

In definitely one of the most stand out moments of the documentary, we find out that B had asked Jan's father Bob for "relief" and with no further questions, the dad did it.

The book that the documentary's creator heard about the story from didn't include these details – or about the mother's affair with B. In discussions with the production team for the doc, Jan was apparently "forthcoming" with the details about her mother's affair, but details about her father's were only found out about from court transcripts and FBI documents. Sky Borgman told Vanity Fair she wasn't even entirely sure if she was going to ask Bob Broberg about it. "I think Bob realised it was a critical element to the story," she said.

There were crazy deleted scenes, that never made it into the final doc

The Abducted in Plain Sight story may have seemed busy and confusing enough, but not all elements were even included in the doc. Some extra details were taken out to streamline the feature into the hour and a half episode.

Skye Borgman told Vanity Fair there was a scene where Jan's mum, Mary Ann had arranged to meet up in a car park with B. Allegedly Mary Ann's brother came too, and they had a gun!!

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Jan Broberg now

None of Robert Berchtold's family wanted to be interviewed, but his brother felt the need to on B's behalf

The documentary is lacking much input from B's immediate family, and that is because none of them were up to being interviewed. Joe Berchtold, B's brother, says in the documentary he was aware his brother "was always a sexual pervert" and "he always did like young girls", and admits he knew his own brother was a paedophile.

B committed suicide in 2005, after the court case with Jan, and Joe is said to have taken part in the documentary as he felt he needed to represent his brother.

Bob and Mary Ann stayed married, and Bob died in 2018

Despite filing for a divorce, Mary Ann and Bob did actually stay married – right until Bob Broberg died last year. He passed away aged 80.

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There might be a sequel

The Abducted in Plain Sight story might not be over. Skye Borgman told Vanity Fair she is hopeful there could be a sequel to the documentary. She says she wants to "explore the different topics that we didn't have time to really dive deep into, like the role that faith plays.

"Also grooming and brainwashing – there are really interesting, intricate things that happen and we touch on both of those topics in the documentary, but I'd love to explore those more. I guess in a perfect world, it'd be a sort of trilogy of films."

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