The universities where you’re most likely to bump into a celeb’s child

Could your flatmate’s dad be Liam Gallagher?

University is one of the best places to meet new people, whether it be at a house party, lecture or club. But imagine getting chatting to someone in Freshers’ and finding out your new flatmate’s dad is the angry chef we all know and love, the one and only Gordon Ramsay. Forget the frozen pizzas and Pot Noodles, your flat would have the most banging meals on campus.

If you want to bump into celeb offspring, going for the top unis in the country is a safe bet. Bristol and Exeter are obviously full of posh famous people, and Edinburgh is a hotbed of royals.

Your uni might have more students and grads who are celeb’s kids than you know, and that’s why below is a list of some of the hotspots where you might just catch a glance of a famous face or two while walking to your 9am, or in the SU bar on a night out:

Holly Robertson – Newcastle

When she’s not posting TikToks with her mum Davina McCall, Holly goes to Newcastle Uni. Davina has said her daughter Holly tested positive for coronavirus after just a week of being a fresher at Newcastle University this year, claiming it was due to students failing to socially distance.

Jake Wareing – Durham

Via Instagram @jake.wareing

Son of celebrity chef and Masterchef: The Professionals judge Marcus Wareing, Jake is a fresher at Durham. Back before the start of term, Jake’s dad Marcus posted a pic of the two on Instagram, writing: “Happy 19th to my eldest! Last meal before he goes to Durham Uni next week.” Imagine the flat Christmas dinner Jake could whip up for you all, if he’s inherited any of his dad’s talent.

Bertie Morgan – Bristol

Via Instagram @bertie_morgan

That’s right, Bertie Morgan as in Piers Morgan’s son. Bertie is currently studying Politics and International Relations at Bristol. I wonder if at 19-years-old he creates as much controversy at Bristol Uni as his dad does with the nation, or if he’s as unproblematic and laid-back as he looks in this photo? I think I’ll go with the latter, I’m not jealous at all of him chilling with his cocktail in what deffo isn’t Bristol. Ultimately, Piers Morgan’s son is fit, which is DEEPLY upsetting to me.

Jack Ramsay – Exeter

Via Instagram @tanaramsay

Nope, not a young Gordon, it is in fact his 20-year-old son, Jack, looking like a classic Exeter rugby lad. Can we discuss the long row of expensive-looking copper pans in the kitchen behind him? I’ve never been more jealous of some pans. I wonder if his Michelin-starred dad let him take any of them to uni, or whether he had an IKEA haul like the rest of us? Jack has finished uni and joined the Royal Marines.

Holly Ramsay – Ravensbourne

Via Instagram @hollyramsayy

Twin sister of Jack, 20-year-old Holly really looks like she’s living her best life. If being jealous of their dad (and those pans) wasn’t enough, now I’m jealous of the amaze time she looks like she’s having. Who wouldn’t want to be in a bucket hat on a boat?

Megan Ramsay – Oxford Brookes

Via Instagram @megan__ramsay

Yep, another Ramsay child. Older sister of Jack and Holly, Megan graduated from Oxford Brookes last year, where she studied Psychology. Megan has an impressive 207k followers on Instagram, but I can’t work out if I’m more jealous of her travels or the fact her dad regularly comments things like: “Congrats Meggie first ever Ramsay with a degree! I’ve only ever received a first degree burn!” Brb, crying over how cute their fam is.

Ruby Schofield – Leeds Beckett

Via Instagram @rubyschofe

24-year-old Ruby graduated from Leeds Beckett with a 2:1 in Psychology, and her dad is everyone’s favourite TV presenter. Yep, you guessed it, Philip Schofield. Her Insta is pretty impressive with 95.4k followers, and when she’s not out partying in clubs, she’s travelling the world with friends and generally having a fab time that I’m not jealous of at all.

Sam Chatto – Edinburgh

Via Instagram @samchatto

Sam‘s great aunt is the actual Queen, no big deal. He is also 25th in line to the throne. The 23-year-old studied History of Art at Edinburgh, but graduated in 2018 and now focuses on his pottery which he sells at his studio in West Sussex. His Insta is very wholesome and he signs off every post with “Love, Sam” which is just too much to handle.

Arthur Chatto – Edinburgh

Via Instagram @artchatto

21-year old Arthur is the younger brother of Sam, and also attended Edinburgh to study (you guessed it) History of Art. He often posts pictures on Insta to his 156k followers of him diving or climbing mountains, but has recently documented a rowing trip where him and his friends rowed around Great Britain to raise money for the British Red Cross and Just One Ocean. Could he get any more perfect?

Lady Amelia Windsor – Edinburgh

Via Instagram @amelwindsor

Another royal at Edinburgh: I don’t think any of us saw this one coming. 25-year-old Amelia (or Lady Amelia) is granddaughter of the Queen’s cousin, Prince Edward. She studied Modern Languages at Edinburgh. She’s currently 39th in line to the throne, and is a model who has worked for Dolce & Gabbana. I want to be her, please.

Tommy Corbyn – York

Via Instagram @tcorbyn

Seen here chilling with his dad Jeremy Corbyn, Tommy graduated from York with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He was also in the news in 2016 for being head-butted outside York nightclub Mansion at 4am, after holding a Party for Palestine event. Crazy times for Jezza’s son.

Woody Cook – Bristol

Via Instagram @woody_cook

Woody Cook, aka Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim’s son, currently studies at Bristol. He can be seen on the sofa with his mum, Zoe, on Celebrity Gogglebox but made his TV debut on The Circle in 2019. I wonder if watching daytime TV at uni with Woody could turn into a debut on Gogglebox?

Lennon Gallagher – Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Via Instagram @patsykensit

Son of Patsy Kensit and Liam Gallagher, 20-year-old Lennon studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, following in the footsteps of his mum and dad. You never would have guessed, but he is also in a band. Imagine forming a band with Lennon at uni, I bet you’d get great tips from his dad. Iconic.

Molly Moorish Gallagher – Goldsmiths

21-year-old Molly is daughter of Liam Gallagher and Lisa Moorish. She studies Politics and Sociology at Goldsmiths and will be going into her third year in September. Just imagine finding out the girl you’ve been sitting next to in your seminars is in fact Liam Gallagher and Lisa Moorish’s daughter. If you’re at Goldsmiths that could be you. And if her cousins come to visit, that’s another story.

Anaïs Gallagher – Camberwell College of Arts

Via Instagram @gallagher_anais

Cousin to Lennon and Molly, Anaïs also has superstar genes, with her mum and dad being Meg Matthews and Noel Gallagher. She works for Tatler and starred in her first campaign at only 14. Following in the footsteps of her dad and uncle, it seems there may also be beef between her and her cousins, as she doesn’t follow any of them on Instagram. Interesting.

Cassius Taylor – Goldsmiths

He’s the one on the right: Via Instagram @cee__t

Cassius is another royal, but unlike his cousin Amelia (and all the other royals) who attended Edinburgh, he studied at Goldsmiths instead. His parents are Lady Helen Taylor (daughter of Prince Edward, the Queen’s first cousin) and Timothy Taylor, who are both artists. It seems art runs in the family, since he studied Arts Management at uni. I bet Cassius’ uni house looked a bit more edgy than the typical fairy-lights-and-wall-hanging you find in student houses.

Flora Ogilvy – Bristol

Via Instagram @florarteviste

Flora is a 25-year-old Bristol grad who studied History of Art. 56th in line to the throne, Flora’s grandmother is Princess Alexandra, the Queen’s first cousin. She got engaged to Swedish financier (of course) Timothy Vesterberg in 2019, so that’ll mean another royal wedding. Imagine being able to say you were in halls with Flora: Maybe you’d get an invite to the wedding and be able to say hi to Queen Liz?

Featured images via Instagram: @jake.wareing @rubyschofe @hollyramsayy

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