Meet Jack Ramsay: Gordon Ramsay’s son and Exeter Uni second year

Omg what if his dad drops him off outside halls

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Gordon Ramsay, famed for his swearing and also his cooking has two kids at uni.

Jack and Holly, Gordon's 18-year-old twins are at Exeter and Ravensbourne, the 11th hardest uni in the UK to get into.

Who is Jack Ramsay?

He's Gordon Ramsay's only son and has appeared on telly with him loads of times. He looks almost identical to his dad and will undoubtedly be recognised by many Exeter students.

What's Jack Ramsay's Instagram?

Unlike his dad, who has 4.6 million Instagram followers, Jack's followers are at the 263k mark. So he's still pretty Insta famous. He mostly posts about sport, charity and drama, so he's a pretty normal teenager heading off to uni, except that his dad is unbelievably famous and rich.

Gordon Ramsay's eldest daughter Megan went to Oxford Brookes, and studied Psychology.

There are four Ramsay children in total, Megan, Jack, Holly and Tilly who's the youngest at 16. They've even appeared on a CBBC programme together.

Jack and his dad are super close, always referring to each other as best mates on Instagram

Very cute.

He's met loads of famous people

He's super sporty

And he loves drama (the theatre kind)

And he posts about his family all the time

Tbh he looks like a really nice bloke, and he's probably really good at cooking so you better make friends with him in so you get to share a house with him.