Ranked: These are officially the most Instagrammable UK university campuses

The only university league table which really matters

Ok, we might tell ourselves we go to university to get a great degree, meet new people and better ourselves, but one of the low-key best parts of uni is the bits it does for your Instagram account.

Being able to snap a quick pic of sunset over campus? Sure. A mirror pic in halls before your fourth night out of the week? Ok then. Honestly, your Insta game goes from 0 to 100 when you get to uni.

Theknowledgeacademy.com has taken to Instagram to identify which UK university is the most picture-perfect, based on how many hashtags it has on the app there. So you know, you can find out exactly how good your uni of choice really is.

It found that, no surprise, Oxford is home to the UK’s most Instagrammable university campus, with an average of just under 1,000 tags there every single day. I mean, the grounds there really are something of beauty. And if you got into Oxford, you can’t blame anyone for wanting to show it off.

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Oxford you’re a beaut 🇬🇧🏛

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University of Cambridge is runner-up, with 254,102 Instagram hashtags – 108,835 less than Oxford. Making up the top five is Leeds, Glasgow and York. Lancaster University and Northumbria University just about sneak in the top 20.

Here’s the full ranking of the most Instagrammable UK universities:

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The University of Oxford is not just one of the oldest universities in the world but it is also the most popular on Instagram. To date, it has been tagged 362,937 times  on Insta.

After the top five there’s Newcastle (89k tags), Sheffield (86k tags), Cardiff (80k tags), Birmingham (79k tags), Exeter (78k tags), Manchester (78k tags), Lincoln (78k tags), Coventry (76k tags), Nottingham (69k tags), Swansea (68k tags), Warwick (67k tags), Falmouth (62k tags), Sussex (60k tags), Lancaster (59k tags) and Northumbria (56k tags).

Gutted if yours didn’t make the cut.

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