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Meet Megan Ramsay: Brookes Psychology second year and daughter of Gordon Ramsay

Wonder if she calls anyone an idiot sandwich

Oxford Brookes is well known for enrolling children born to the rich and famous, such as Gary Lineker's son Tobias. But as classic as the Linekers, there's another legendary British family who are on the scene: the Ramseys.

Gordon Ramsay's daughter Megan Ramsey is a student at Brookes. The 20-year-old is in her second year of a Psychology degree and has over 124,000 followers on Instagram, which is quite something.

Of course having Gordon Ramsay as your dad gives you quite the following, but she also has been on TV herself, alongside her siblings, and travelled the world cooking and getting to visit some super cool places. She also looks a right laugh to be at uni with.

Here's everything you need to know about Megan:

She's one of four Ramsay kids, with 18-year-old twins Jack and Holly, and 16-year-old sister Tilly

They've all starred on a CBBC show together, and Jack looks exactly like his dad – it's freaking me out a little bit.

She's the daughter of Gordon Ramsey, the Hell's Kitchen chef who swears a lot and calls people "idiot sandwich", the babe

Megan is a second year at Oxford Brookes, and can be found out in Ox clubs like Anuba

Megan is doing her degree in Psychology

She's close with her Dad and he posted how proud he was of her to go to Brookes

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"I've heard the food is good" Gordon Ramsay on the city of Oxford

Cute alert.

With this average-looking house in LA, Megan splits her time between there and the UK

Your neighbours get aggy about you playing music, hers are Stevie Wonder and Kim and Kanye.

*Googles Swan pool floats*

Her travelling will make you insanely jealous as she's been to some really cool places

Christmas 2018 by the beach anyone?

However she admits she's not great at skiing…

But Megan is way, way better than you at fancy dress

Megan's ability to consistently nail fancy dress is, frankly, more impressive than her stratospheric follower count.

Whether it's pub golf or a Gatsby themed party she's got the lewk, making your "binbag and a weak pun" effort look embarrassing.

You'll regularly see pics of the Ramseys when they were younger and they are so adorable

Don't tell me you don't think they were the cutest kids ever.

Brooklyn Beckham is her best mate (jealous)

Whilst Gordon and Becks are best mates, the chef has said his kids aren't allowed to date the Beckham kids.

Although they're not allowed to date, they are good mates. Birthday posts for Brooklyn were a regular fixture on Megan's Insta, but she didn't do a birthday post for him this year, so who knows ?

Also she posted THIS and we can definitely all relate