Who is Arthur Chatto? The fit royal who’s also an Edinburgh fresher

He’s 23rd in line to the throne, just saying

Imagine coming to uni and getting excited to meet everyone, only to find out you’re sharing a flat with someone 23rd in line to the throne. Yeah, so it turns out Amelia Windsor isn’t the only fit royal who goes to uni. Because Arthur Chatto, the chiseled 18-year-old and member of the royal family, is a fresher at Edinburgh.

The Queen’s great nephew and son of Lady Sarah Chatto, Arthur Chatto has 78k followers on Instagram and enjoys working out, arctic diving, mountain climbing and playing the bagpipes.

He goes to Edinburgh University

He’s a first year at Edinburgh, studying History of Art. He goes out like any other student and visits clubs like Sinners on the reg. Rumour is, he doesn’t do anything without an “entourage of girls around him.”

Apparently people turn up to events, if they know that Arthur or his brother Sam (who also goes to Edinburgh) are there.

Who wears under armour to a club you ask

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His brother Sam also goes to Edinburgh University

The 21-year-old vegan studies History of Art and enjoys yoga. According to someone who knows of him he’s “very sweet and not that big on attention.”

Apparently the brothers are “literal opposites” but are both “sweet and genuine guys.”

Arthur Chatto enjoys working out and has shown interest in joining the Armed forces

Arthur graduated from Eton last summer. There, he was a member of the Combined Cadet Forces. And after university, he is thought to eventually join the armed forces.

Sussex fit

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He’s one of the only few members of the royal family with a social media account

You can see a lot of him on there. And as far as we know, he’s not in a relationship either. So don’t despair about Prince Harry’s engagement announcement, because it turns out there are young and single royals you can still hope to marry.


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