edward or jacob quiz

Quiz: Let’s settle this once and for all, would you end up with Edward or Jacob?

I will be raging if I don’t get Jacob

The last Twilight film came out eight years ago and you’d think I’d be over this franchise by now, and I was, until Stephenie Meyer brought out Midnight Sun and brought me back to my 12-year-old self. And so with this in mind it is highly important to answer the age old question – would you end up with Edward or Jacob? And what better format to find this out than with a quiz.

Now obviously neither Edward nor Jacob are what you’d call the “ideal” example of a healthy boyfriend, but when we were young teenagers these two guys were obsession and so we owe it to the teenage us to find out the answer.

Some people would naturally be more suited to being with Jacob who is fiery, passionate and loves working out. Whereas others are better off with Edward who is quieter and they can spend their time reading books together. Whatever floats your boat. Through a series of questions you can find out if you’d end up with Edward or Jacob.

Take this Edward or Jacob quiz to see which boy you would end up with:

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