Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Cullen family member you are

Anyone but Jasper please

The author of the Twilight franchise, Stephanie Meyer, announced the release of her new book Midnight Sun yesterday, saving 2020 as we know it. What else could our 12 year-old Twihard hearts need more than the romantic story of girl meets vampire but from the perspective of the iconic vampire king himself, Edward Cullen. Honestly, Meyer suddenly deciding to drop a new Twilight book on our unsuspecting heads amongst a literal pandemic just shows it doesn’t get any more 2020 than this.

One thing that everyone wanted while watching Twilight was to be part of Edward Cullen’s incredibly sexy family (seriously where can I get some of that genetic makeup? I want in). We wanted everything: Rosalie’s luscious blonde hair, Alice’s quirkiness, Edward’s ability to read minds, Jasper’s…wait no. Nothing really from Jasper. Sorry.

So if you could be part of this ridiculously beautiful and intelligent family, who would you be? Take our quiz to find out!

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