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These 31 reactions to Midnight Sun are better than Jacob’s glow-up

I need to know how Robert Pattinson feels

A million teenage dreams came true today with the announcement of another Twilight book. Stephenie Meyer confirmed the novel Midnight Sun will be coming out on 4th August.

A companion novel to the original Twilight book, Midnight Sun will tell Twilight from Edward’s perspective. And the Midnight Sun reactions are intense. Hardly surprising, considering Twilight fans were so keen to read the announcement they caused Stephanie Meyer’s website to crash.

Aside from the very intense reactions there are also some very funny ones. They’re mainly about Robert Pattinson’s reaction to the whole thing, which as any good Twilight fan knows, Robert hates the whole franchise and film saga he was the main character of.

These are the 31 funniest reactions to the Midnight Sun announcement:

1. Thank you Stephenie for stepping in to save us during the crisis


3. Hhahahaha

4. Team Edward for life

5. I’m back bitches

6. The pain R-Patz must be in right now

7. Bet you thought you saw the last of Stephenie

8. Oh dear.

9. And now we wait

10. Absolutely not

11. The only good news this year

12. Thank you for this precious precious gift

13. Ah, here we go again

14. Really need to get that shirt back out

15. It’s such a 2020 vibe

16. I would pay good money to see his reaction

17. Praying this is his actual face

18. God, getting horrible flashbacks to year eight

19. What a Queen she is for doing this

20. We are all in hiding, but Robert will not be seen for years

21. Lol

22. So GOOD

23. I can and I will

24. A woman with a plan

25. It’s been a rough 12 years

26. Freaky is what that is

27. Hands down

28. Sign me up

29. I’m so happy for my teenage self

30. I love Twitter

31. Wait, what?

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