QUIZ: How well do you actually remember the Twilight saga, you little nerd?

Come and have a go, spider monkey

Twilight is lame. Unapologetically lame. It is the type of thing you should never want to have been obsessed with when you were younger, let alone admit to having an everlasting extensive knowledge of to this day. And yet, with many moons of self-isolation ahead of us, we could all do with a little bit of a Twilight rewatch. After all, we’re all about to become Bella when she sat in that chair for months on end after Edward broke up with her. We stan healthy coping mechanisms!

No matter if you last watched it yesterday or ten years ago, a detailed knowledge of the Twilight saga remains somewhere, deep inside your brain. It stays with you, like riding a bike. Except it’s not useful in any way, shape or form. Until now.

For a brief five minutes of distraction from your mind-numbing self-quarantine and never-ending Netflix binge, take this quiz to see if you’re a Volturi level vampire expert or more like Emmett, the dumb Cullen sibling. I think you know what I mean. Test your Twilight knowledge here: