These are all the shows on Netflix you should be binge watching in lockdown 2.0

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Lockdown 2.0 is now in full swing and the prospect of spending yet another month inside is pretty depressing, however thank the lord we still have Netflix.

Let’s be honest we’re going to be spending the next few weeks binge watching every murder mystery, cooking competition and reality show going. But if you’re doing the inevitable scroll through Netflix finding nothing to watch before sticking Friends on again, then you need to read our guide on the best shows to binge watch this month.

There are loads of new shows coming to Netflix this month including The Crown season four and Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?, but they’re not going to be enough to keep you entertained so we’ve got a guide on some great series to watch that you may have never seen before or are so good they’re worth rewatching.

We’ve also included how long it takes to binge watch each series so you know just what you’re getting yourself into. Here are all the shows you should be binge watching depending on your mood:

For when you want to laugh and escape the misery that is lockdown 2.0, watch these five uplifting shows:

Derry Girls

Number of episodes: Six

Total time to complete binge: Just over two hours

Derry Girls is an easy and funny one to binge. Set in the 1990s Northern Ireland Derry girls follows five high school students trying to navigate being a teenager and the political turmoil of their country.

The four girls Michelle, Claire, Erin, Orla and their friend James are all iconic and have distinct personalities. To see which one you truly are take this quiz.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Number of episodes: 112

Total time to complete binge: Nearly two days

Brooklyn Nine Nine is a cult American sitcom based in a Brooklyn NYPD department. The episodes are just 21 minutes long and follow the funny lives of the detectives.

Queer Eye

via Netflix

Number of episodes: 36

Total time to complete binge: Just over 24 hours

Queer Eye is a makeover show with a difference and is the perfect show to lift your spirits and make you cry happy tears. The Fab Five make over a man or woman who needs to learn to love and prioritise themselves.

From grooming to interiors to food, the Fab Five make over the hero from the inside out. There are four series set in the US and a four episode season set in Japan.

Watching the transformations are addictive and Jonathan Van Ness is the only thing to get you through isolation.

Sex Education

via Netflix

Number of episodes: 16

Total time to complete binge: 13.3 hours

Sex Education is a British teen comedy show set in a high school and follows the life of Otis, who’s mum is a sex therapist. Otis and his friend Maeve set up a sex advice clinic at school.

The characters all have very distinct personalities and the filming locations, particularly Otis’ house, are beaut.

The show is a honest reflection of how teenagers actually interact with sex and the awkward sex scenes will make you thankful you’re not getting laid because of coronavirus.

Big Mouth

Number of episodes: 31

Total time to complete binge: 13.4 hours

Big Mouth is one of Netflix’s original comedy programmes and is about a group of a teenagers and their adventures with puberty.

The show has some seriously impressive voice actors, like every famous comedian has been in this show, from Kristen Wiig who plays a vagina to Maya Rudolph as Connie the Hormone Mistress.

For when you want that sweet nostalgia of a simpler time in your youth when Covid-19 didn’t exist, here are three teen dramas:

Gossip Girl

Number of episodes: 121

Total time to complete binge: Three and a half days

Remember when you thought Blair and Chuck’s relationship was the epitome of goals? Well now that you’re quarantined you can relive it all over again, it can literally take up half of your seven day isolation period.

We all know who Gossip Girl is so why not use this rewatching period to look out for all the clues you missed out on when you were 14 because you were too busy falling in love with Nate.


Number of episodes: 61

Total time to complete binge: Literally just over 48 hours

It was such a great day when they added Skins on Netflix. Full of great British teenage nostalgia, Skins is the perfect rewatch for when you’re missing out on drinking, shagging and smoking at a terrible house party because you’re stuck in isolation.

61 hours of watching Freddie and Cook makes that quarantine feel worth it.


Number of episodes: 121

Total time to complete binge: Just over three and a half days

So bad it’s good, Netflix treated us all when they added Glee. Following the lives of students in the Glee Club, who encountered every ridiculous problem known to man and singing about it to make themselves feel better.

Who wouldn’t want to spend nearly half their isolation period listening to Rachel Berry complain about her life, watching Artie wheel himself into a swimming pool and seeing Sam become a stripper named “white chocolate”. Quality TV.

For when you want to freak out even more about impending doom, here are three apocalypse shows:


via Netflix

Number of episodes: Six

Total time to complete binge: Under five hours

Netflix released this documentary series around the time coronavirus hit the mainstream, leading a few to believe the entire virus was made as promo for this show. So obviously you need to watch it to check it’s worth the whole world getting infected.

The six-part series looks at who is developing vaccines and how scientists are trying to prevent outbreaks of flu and ebola.


Number of episodes: 12

Total time to complete binge: Eight and a half hours

Yes that is Jennette McCurdy who played Sam in iCarly. Between was created by Netflix in 2016 and there are two seasons available.

The show is about a disease which kills off everyone over the age of 22 and what happens when the survivors of a quarantined town have to fend for themselves.

Between would probably freak you out if you’re already worried about the effects of the virus, however it’s set in a town called “Pretty Lake”, so surely that’s enough to make you laugh and get through it.

The Society

Number of episodes: 10

Total time to complete binge: Just under 10 hours

The Society is about a group of high school students who have to run their town after everyone disappears when they get back from a school trip. They have limited recourses, no internet or phone signal.

Naturally a group of teenagers looking after themselves means a lot of drama occurs and a second season is being planned for this year.

For when you want to learn something as that £9,000 has gone down the drain, here are six documentaries:

Down To Earth With Zac Efron

via Netflix

Number of episodes: Eight

Total time to complete binge: Just over five hours

Its got Zac Efron in it, need I say more to convince you? If our childhood crush isn’t enough to sway you, this series features Zac Efron travelling around the world learning about climate change and alternative ways of living.

You get to learn about the world, go travelling without leaving your sofa and watch Zac for over five hours.


via Netflix

Number of episodes: Six

Total time to complete binge: Just under six hours

This show is not as messed up as the picture suggests. The documentary is all about the discoveries babies make during their first year of life. It looks at the science of their sleep, first words and crawling.

It makes for some very cute watching and wishing you were young enough to not be aware of coronavirus.

Our Planet

via Netflix

Number of episodes: Eight

Total time to complete binge: Six and a half hours

Wow, remember the time we thought the world was going to end because of climate change? Feels like a lifetime ago.

This series is narrated by David Attenborough and looks at a variety of the earth’s ecosystems and how they’re changing because of global warming.

Even though you can’t travel you can explore all the corners of the world with this series.

Sex Explained

via Netflix

Number of episodes: Five

Total time to complete binge: Under three hours

Made in association with Vox, this series is narrated by Janelle Monáe and goes into the science and social history of many aspects of sex.

Episodes cover fantasies, attraction and birth control, so plenty to learn about for when you go back outside and find someone to shag.

The Movies That Made Us

Number of episodes: Four

Total time to complete binge: Three hours

This short series looks us some of the insanely popular movies like Home Alone and Dirty Dancing and how they were made. In each episode Netflix interview the actors, directors and people in the industry who created the movies.

Wild Wild Country

Number of episodes: Six

Total time to complete binge: Six and a half

This dramatic docuseries is about a cult in the 1980s which rose to national level fame because of their conflict with the locals.

The show examines the bioterror attack and illegal wiretapping which took place during the conflicts.

For when you want to use this time to become a detective, here are four true crime shows:

Don’t Fuck With Cats

via Netflix

Number of episodes: Three

Total time to complete binge: Just over three hours

Don’t Fuck With Cats is about Canadian killer Luka Magnotta, who started out posting videos online of animals he was killing before moving on to murder humans.

People on the Internet were naturally extremely upset with Luka’s harm to cats and started an online campaign to track him down. The show follows the crimes and manhunt of Magnotta.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Number of episodes: Eight

Total time to complete binge: Just over eight hours

This is a case that has always remained in the minds of the British public. Three-year-old Madeleine McCann went missing in 2007 and has still not been found.

The documentary looks back at the entire case including Madeleine’s parents reactions and the media’s presentation of the case.

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

via Netflix

Number of episodes: Three

Total time to complete binge: Three hours

One of Netflix’s latest true crime documentaries, this three part series looks at how the NFL player Aaron Hernadez became a convicted killer.

The show features exclusive courtroom footage and interviews his friends and former teammates on the crimes he committed. It also examines his early life.

Fear City: New York vs The Mafia

via Netflix

Number of episodes: Three

Total time to complete binge: Two and a half hours

This three part documentary is about the Mafia in the 80s and how the FBI managed to arrest the leaders of the Mafia.

It features interviews with the people working on the case and it’s a great insight into the infamous Mafia.

For when you want a bit of drama in your lives, here are four tense shows:

The Politician

via Netflix

Number of episodes: 15

Total time to complete binge: Nearly 11 hours

The Politician was created by the same man who made Glee, Ryan Murphy. So it’s extremely colourful and slightly extra.

The show is about a rich kid called Payton who plans to be President of the United States but first has to try to become student body president. The cast is insane – Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange and Lucy Boynton.

It’s dramatic, funny and incredibly aesthetic.


via Netflix

Number of episodes: Eight

Total time to complete binge: Just over six hours

This drama series is based on the true life of Marie Adler. Marie was sexually assaulted as a teenager but then told the police she lied after intense questioning. Two female detectives investigate similar attacks year later and fight for justice for Marie.


via Netflix

Number of episodes: Nineteen

Total time to complete binge: Over 20 hours

Mindhunter has two series on Netflix and is all about two FBI agents in the late 1970s. The show features Jonathan Groff who played Jesse St James in Glee.

Mindhunter is based on book of true crime about the FBI. The dramatisation looks at the early days of criminal psychology and criminal profiling.

Both seasons are extremely intense and the second series is based on the true crime story of Wayne Williams, who was charged for the murder of two adult men but never found guilty of killing 28 children.


via Netflix

Number of episodes: 18

Total time to complete binge: Just over 18 hours

Pose is about the New York ball scene in the 1980s. The cast is seriously impressive – Billy Porter and Evan Peters? Yes please.

It’s incredibly dramatic, inspiring and basically one you need to add to your quarantine list asap.

For when you want to be nosy about the lives of others, here are three trashy reality shows:

Love Is Blind

via Netflix

Number of episodes: 10

Total time to complete binge: Just over 10 hours

The wildest dating show probably ever, Love Is Blind is a reality show which attempts to get people engaged in days without seeing each other. Five couples end up engaged and we watch them on journey to marriage and it is so dramatic.

It’s incredibly memeable, addictive and will seriously have you questioning how far would you get in this show. Once you’re out of quarantine that is.

Celebs Go Dating

Number of episodes: 74

Total time to complete binge: Just over two days

This is an iconic British dating show and the best season has been put on Netflix. The second series has the funniest celebs – Joey Essex, Ferne McCann, Stephen Bear, Jonathan Cheban and Melody from the Pussycat Dolls. But there’s more than just that one season if those celebs aren’t your favourite.

They all go on dates with regular people. None of them end up in relationships but the dates are cringe as anything and you need to watch it now.

Selling Sunset

via Netflix

Number of episodes: 24

Total time to complete binge: Around 15 hours

Selling Sunset is American trash TV at it’s finest. The show is about the realtors who sell million dollar homes in LA and all the drama that goes on in the group.

The houses are beaut and the drama is even better.

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