‘Don’t F**k With Cats’ is a new ‘twisted’ and ‘graphic’ Netflix true crime doc

It’s about a serial killer who posted videos of him killing animals and then humans online

Netflix has just dropped its latest true crime documentary series: Don’t Fuck With Cats. But no, it’s not all about cats.

The three part documentary series is about a serial killer who began by posting sick videos of him torturing animals online before he ended up killing humans too. People who saw the videos were disgusted and there was soon an international manhunt to find who it was behind them.

Here is all about the new documentary on Netflix.

TW: The details of this documentary include animal abuse and murder. 

What is Don’t Fuck With Cats on Netflix about?

Don’t Fuck With Cats is about the crimes of Canadian killer, Luka Magnotta. He started off by posting videos online of him killing animals, before he moved on to killing people too.

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Luka in his police interview, via Netflix

His first video came in 2010 and was called “one boy two kittens”. It showed him torturing and killing two cats. The video was posted online. Before long, there was an internet manhunt underway. And if there’s one group of people you don’t mess with, it’s the cat lovers of the internet. As stated in the doc, there’s an unwritten rule on the online: don’t fuck with cats. People all over the world tried everything to track the killer down, believing not before long he would turn to killing people too.

Their thoughts weren’t wrong. “One lunatic one ice pick” was posted online in 2012, which showed him killing Chinese student Jun Lin after they met on a gay dating site.

The documentary follows the crimes and the internet manhunt for Luka.

What are some of the reviews of Don’t Fuck With Cats?

A lot of people are saying the documentary goes too far with how graphic it is. Netflix tweeted describing the documentary as “very tough to watch at times.” One person advised on Twitter: “Don’t F**k With Cats – not recommended if you suffer from any kind of anxiety, the documentary is literally one of the most twisted things I’ve seen in a long time.” Another added that they wished someone had told them about some of the graphic clips before viewing.

Other reviews have given it the Netflix true crime seal of approval. One said: “Absolutely mental. If you like crime and murder, 10/10 recommend.” Another added: “I am shook to my very core”.

Watch the Don’t F**k With Cats trailer here:

Don’t F**k With Cats is available on Netflix now. Warning: It is graphic and disturbing. 

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