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The ‘Peach Pop’ is the latest Instagram trend making your bum look massive

It will give you a bubble bubble butt

Another year, another summer pose. Last year we had the 'Plandid', 'Barbie Feet and the 'Bambi.' But it seems this year your Instagram feed will be full of girls doing the "Peach Pop."

And it's genius because it's so easy, all you have to do is pop out your leg and you'll instantly look curvaceous.

What is the Peach Pop?

The Peach Pop is an Instagram pose that will highlight all your best assets, making you look bad and boujee.

You can make it look candid depending on your facial expression or really posed by putting your hand on your leg. Plus there are so many variations of the pose too!!

How to do the Peach Pop

It's simple. Step forward with one leg, turn your body towards the camera, do a slight squat and arch your back. Put your flexed hand on your leg et voila! You've nailed the Peach Pop!

For a different kind of Peach Pop, you can look into the distance to look more candid.

For a gentle Peach Pop, refrain from putting your hand on your leg and smile instead.

For an extra Peach Pop, list your leg up or rest your leg on something like a stool and work those angles.

Don't forget to tell your photographer to try different angles too.

You can do it indoors too! Enjoy perfecting your Peach Pop this summer.

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