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Introducing ‘The Halo’, the latest Instagram pose making you look fun and carefree

So angelic and divine, wow

It seems like influencers will never run out of Instagram poses. First there was the Plandid and then came the iconic Bambi pose. Those were all shortly followed by the Baby Giraffe, the Barbie feet pose and the Pushback.

But now, make room for The Halo, because it's the pose taking over your Instagram feed. It's easy an easy one to master and will make you look your best angelic self on the tl.

What is the Halo?

The Halo is an Instagram pose which makes you look cool and carefree. It's meant to look like a candid, natural pose, where you may not even realise you're being papped. Like you're caught in a motion or are too cool to "actually" pose.

How to do the Halo

It's simple really, you hold both of your hands up near the top of your head and look straight up. Imagine it's your coronation, but with an invisible crown.

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January Rays.

A post shared by Stephanie Lam (@stephanielamx) on Jan 18, 2019 at 10:44am PST

For variation, you can look down and appear more pensive and mysterious.

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Living life on the edge

A post shared by Sophie Habboo (@habboosophie) on Jun 17, 2018 at 9:09am PDT

Or you can even just use one hand, for a half-Halo effect.

It will make you look easy, breezy and even more beautiful.

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