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Introducing ‘The Pushback’, the latest Instagram trend giving you all the curves you ever wanted

Seriously this pose is life changing

Your Instagram feed is full of pictures you didn't realise were carefully posed and curated. You have the plandids, the Bambi pose, rib-cage bragging and this summer's favourite – Barbie feet.

But now there's a new pose in town called "The Pushback." It's the easiest one to master, suits every body shape and looks like it's here to stay.

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The more you swipe, the happier I get, enjoy

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What is "The Pushback"?

Everyone is doing the Pushback because it gives the illusion that your waist to hip ratio is smaller than it actually is. Plus, it makes your legs look longer and instantly increases your sass levels.

How to do the Pushback

It's really easy to do the Pushback pose. You stand with your feet slightly apart and push out your bum, posing with a strong chest.

For a natural shot, put your hand in front of one of your legs.

To make the Pushback seem more candid, you can look away or touch your hair.

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TANica patrick

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Another variation of the Pushback is to emphasise your waist by holding it with your hands.

And it's honestly so easy to do. It's not like the thot squat which requires A LOT of effort and leg strength. Or the Bambi which will make your lower back ache feel like you're 70 and desperate to retire.

All you have to do is stick out your tush and you'll gain instant curves. Watch those DMs because after you post a pic doing the Pushback, they're going to blow up your phone.

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