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Richard Duggan


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How to cheat on holiday and get away with it

What happens on tour stays on tour, except herpes

Distraught lawyers given exam paper full of mistakes

One girl was given the wrong paper but didn’t find out until an hour in

Northumbria’s best bums 2015: The winners

An award worth putting on the CV

A beginner’s guide to getting an STI test

Lie back and think of England

Clubbers of the week

Bumper snogging special

It’s all over: Happy Chippy loses late night licence

Not so happy now is it

Fire in the library: Robinson evacuated last night after smoke scare

Lawyers were distraught

It’s official: Northumbria uni backs Labour

Milibae for the win

Meet the candidates for Newcastle upon Tyne East

Who’s got your vote?

Who are you voting for? Take our General Election poll

Do you even know who your MP is?

Best Bums 2015: We’re searching for Northumbria’s finest buttocks

Do you even squat, bro?

Slay it! Uni now offers course in the art of DRAG

Finalists will be able to take the course from January

You only drink gin because you’re scared of looking common

I bet you put a cucumber in it too

Surprise, surprise: Newcastle finalists are voting Tory

Don’t tell the locals

Sport scientists rushed to hospital after caffeine experiment overdose

What a latte bother

Northumbria drops to 31st in student experience survey

It could be worse, Sunderland didn’t even make the cut

Union scanners to stop daytime drinking and lecture skiving

It’s the end of life as we know it

I’m sick of feeling like an outcast for smoking

The struggle is real

Hapless fresher threatened with legal action over unpaid library fines

He owes almost £200 in late fees and faces bailiffs knocking on his door

Newcastle ranks in 50 best places to live in the UK

They’ve clearly never seen the delights of Jesmond and Heaton

Clubbers of the Week

You made some questionable decisions last week

We marched with Newcastle Unites against far-right group Pegida

‘Islam, immigration, it’s all connected. To me this is a predominantly white Christian country’

Singles of the Week: Law Edition

Local ladies who are looking for love

Stop being selfish and start using contraception

I’ve got a bone to pick with you all

Reading week is a waste of time

All you’re going to do is sleep

I dumped my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

It was awful

Stop being miserable, Valentine’s is great

Don’t ruin it for everyone because you’re bitter

Newcastle third year raises thousands by shaving her head for charity

What have you done recently?

Camilla comes to Newcastle

She had a royally good time

Heaton is the best place to live in Newcastle

It has a rough charm

My parents think I’m teetotal

I’m really really not

Men are using Grindr to find jobs, gym buddies and weed

It’s not always about sex

Why the Warwick rowers need to stop

You’re buff – we get it

I went commando for a week

It wasn’t pleasant for me or those who caught a glimpse

Free hugs in Newcastle

Feel the love

Men – stop drawing on your eyebrows

You don’t look fetch

We were almost poisoned by carbon monoxide in our home

Northumbria students near-victims of poisonous gas

When you dump someone don’t be a dick about it

And try not to do it in public

Are these Northumbria’s most eligible bachelors

They’re buff, they’re rich and they’re good craic. Ladies, get in line

CCTV: Snaps of the week

Did you get papped?

New student flats to open on historic Grey Street

They reckon it’s where the Beatles wrote ‘She loves you’

A Newcastle student hosted an S&M/M&S themed birthday party

This is not just any party…

Fenwick’s Christmas window – so over it

Why all the fuss?

Geordie Shore party with Northumbria LGBT

‘The whole thing was very staged’

Why I support gender-neutral toilets

It’s just common sense

Fenham bomb plotter in court

The 18-year-old man was remanded in custody following a bomb alert earlier this week

Chat-up lines: Cheesy to creepy

Give it up – they never work

Northumbria prof sexes up law

Has your lecturer been to a porn studio?

CCTV: Highlights from the toon

They probably regretted those poses in the morning

Uproar over ‘disgusting’ front page of University Paper Newcastle

‘We’re getting a lot of flak’

Poly and posh to share new halls

Are they mad?

Newcastle’s Gay Saunas offer steamy student discount

‘The more you come the more you get’

Am I the perfect housemate?

I clean, cook and have my own car… I’m the ultimate student housemate

Two students raped in two weeks in Newcastle City Centre

Another rape incident outside popular Newcastle nightclub

Honest bunch: Cheating numbers plummet at Northumbria

Only five tried to beat the system last year

I’m a sex-toy salesman

Meet the only male Ann Summers’ employee in the North East