Meg Cullen
Features Editor of The Cambridge Tab

Gardies now has a five star hygiene rating

A slight improvement from their one star rating

TAB EXCLUSIVE: Glitterbomb is allegedly mistreating student performers

Cambridge students have experienced notable problems with the employer

The Tab talks to Freddie Davidson, a Boatrace Blue

A behind the scenes look at how the crew members are prepping

Bridge Facebook Pages: A guide

The ABRIDGED version

The Tab’s RAG Blind Date Round Up

“Chatted about… maths”

The Tab Talks with the REAL Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort talks sex, drugs and DiCaprio.

Why blind dating is better than Tinder

Hear me out

An interview with Hubbl: the new app for all Cambridge events

Sitting down with the founder of Hubbl, an app that promises to streamline Cambridge extracurricular events

TAB HACKS: How to get the most out of your RAG BLIND DATE form

My type on paper? Times New Roman

Cambridge’s ‘naked professor’ to host 18+ nude anti-Brexit show

The fellow will reveal the “naked truth” of Brexit

You know you’re home when…

The tell tale signs that, like a homing pigeon, you have returned to the place of your origins

The Tab’s Movember Round up

Admire the tashtastic efforts of Cambridge students

An ode to my bedder

The actual love of my life

Tab Tries: Van of Death

Quite literally risking my life in the name of journalism…

Tab talks to Astrid Franciszka

A Cambridge Youtuber on the rise

Northern commoner takes on Hawks and Ospreys ball

A far cry from my usual Saturday night spoons to say the least

In defence of inactivity

Because actually doing stuff is overrated – like, seriously

How to DIY your way out of homesickness

Spoiler alert: it’s really easy

Freshers: The highs and lows

From new friends to new experiences, the highs have been high, and the lows were pretty low…