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These drug-fueled sex horror stories will make you get sober and find Jesus

Put down the blunt, sis!

We spoke to the woman Teka$hi 6ix9ine slept with while she was underage

‘Your favorite rapper likes younger girls’

LISTEN TO ME: 69ing is the worst sex position of all time

It’s not even hot!

In dhefense of Bhad Bhabie, aka the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl, aka Danielle Bregoli

C’mon, like we wouldn’t?

This video of a burlesque dancer eating pizza onstage is honestly better than Citizen Kane

I would die for her

Azealia Banks says she was drugged and ‘lowkey just got raped’ on her Instagram story

‘I just feel so dirty and stupid right now’

A power-ranking of every celebrity iPhone note ‘apology,’ from Logan Paul to Lena Dunham

We’ve got ’em all!

So apparently there’s a #JusticeforTristan movement now, and I’m officially sick to my stomach

The… audacity

We talked to the couple who managed to make long-distances relationships look incredibly easy and disgustingly cute

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Comedian T.J. Miller harassed a woman on a train, then told cops she had a bomb when she wasn’t into it


Photoshop is like steroids for Instagram influencers, and advertisers shouldn’t work with models who use it

Meredith Mickelson is basically A-Rod

Angry fans are comparing Sabrina Claudio to Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez because of her racist online past

Yikes all around!

Kim and Kanye are relationship goals, so my boyfriend and I tried living like them for a week

Now I only wear bike shorts

This girl says she tried to take a cute selfie and accidentally filmed a man trying to drug her friend — but Twitter is skeptical

Watch and decide for yourself

The Arctic Monkeys are releasing a new album so break out your flower crowns, because it’s basically 2012 again

Fuck, I forgot my Tumblr password

5 Seconds of Summer fans are pissed about this creepy interviewer trying to get the band to strip with her

Honestly, I kind of get it

Jholie Moussa took out a restraining order on her abusive ex. Now he’s a person of interest in her murder

Domestic violence and homicide go hand-in-hand

I went undercover in a forum where insecure teens post selfies to get validation – and pedophiles answer

Men upwards of 30 years old asked me how far I’d gone with boys, asked for pictures and told me I had a ‘nice body’

Have you ever noticed all reality TV stars look exactly the same? It’s because they’re all following this five-step formula

And you can too!

Meghan Markle is living EVERY little girl’s dream: Spending $125,000 on wedding trumpets

I’m so jealous!

CONFIRMED: TimmyThick is not the result of a Harvard-run sociological study

He lives!

We journeyed to find the truth about TimmyThick, the so-called ‘Harvard experiment’ viral star

What are they trying to hide?

What it’s like visiting a crisis pregnancy center, the organizations that pose as women’s healthcare providers

‘She said I’d have a miscarriage in the next week’

There’s a dating site just for Kanye West fans, and I feel more Bound 2 fall in love than ever

Uh-huh, honey!

The #Dickgrabbers challenge isn’t what you think it is, you nasty little pervert

Okay, it kind of is

This piece of shit raped a teenage girl, used her phone to record it, and then posted the video to Facebook

He’s human garbage, and then some

Here are the best pictures from National School Walkout Day to remind you the future is pretty damn bright

Teens are better than us

Courtlin Arrington is the school shooting victim almost everyone forgot about

She was 17 when she died

Katy Perry wants to be Carly Rae Jepsen so bad, and I want her to know that it’s just not gonna happen


INVESTIGATION: Is Timothée Chalamet hot? Let’s examine the evidence together

Based on our scientific analysis

This 44-year-old lunch lady says sending her naked pics to an underage boy is a constitutional right

The Founding Fathers are shaking

Selena Gomez is recording a Christian album and I wish I could stop her with the power of prayer

Selena, WWJD?

Claire’s Accessories is filing for bankruptcy and my inner child is officially DEAD

Now where will I buy 20 pairs of earrings at once!?

This man set out to prove that white people are the ‘least gay race’ and…I’ll just let you guys see his data for yourselves

Do you want a trophy or something?

Inspired by 13 Reasons Why, a teen girl killed herself the day after filming a prank suicide video for classmates

Her mother says she talked about the show often

Mississippi just passed the most restrictive abortion law in the country, so happy International Women’s Day, I guess

There’s only one clinic in the state

Just a few of the things ALL girls do ALL the time for no real reason

International Crying Selfie Day!

Ever wanted to eat Kim Kardashian’s ass? Now you can with this million-dollar, life-sized Kim Kake

A real dream come true

We all joke about it, but this girl ACTUALLY fucked her ex-boyfriend’s dad and lived to tell the tale

She really did that

SHOCKING images of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, suggest sinister industry-wide photo manipulation

Yet another unrealistic beauty standard for women

A teenage girl was assaulted at gunpoint. One year later, she was murdered by the same man

He served NO jail time for the assault

Demi Lovato just dragged the shit out of that overgrown hamster Perez Hilton, and I think he’s dead now

Queen of giving a fuck!

Here’s how to take those fake disposable camera pictures all the cool kids are posting on Instagram

There’s an app for that

Meet the self-professed misandrists on Twitter, the women who’ve got it all figured out

It’s a rhetorical tool, you fucking tools

So who’s ACTUALLY going to talk to Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars on Sunday?

Call his ass out

People are weirdly okay with this teacher accused of sex with a 14-year-old because… she’s hot


Aly Raisman sues U.S. Olympic Committee for failure to protect young athletes against Larry Nassar

‘I refuse to wait any longer’

This beauty YouTuber didn’t tell fans that her new product could get them pregnant

Baby-soft skin with a matching baby!

Bella Thorne says Disney slut-shamed and almost fired her for wearing a bikini at age 14

How DARE she?!

You know Vero, that new app everyone’s downloading? Yeah, it’s secretly very evil

Time to delete it like you did Uber

BREAKING: Kim Kardashian says she’s ‘obsessed’ with anime

My heart is beating so fast

GirlWithNoJob and her social media-famous sisters are trying keeping their militant, Islamophobic mom a secret online

She was actually BANNED from England

People are using this Patrick Star sex meme to describe their darkest, sleaziest behavior and it’s making me scared

Some of this stuff is fucked up…

Cardi B says cheating is fine, as long as you cheat on them back

‘I ain’t no angel’

Benefit Cosmetics recalled a bunch of makeup, and then didn’t reveal it was contaminated with dangerous bacteria

Gimme Brow failed to meet FDA standards

We ranked the greatest pairs of twins in history, and then we ranked them by individual hotness

Oh, we’re talkin’ twins

These men’s rights organizations are now officially listed as hate groups alongside the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nation

It’s about damn time

Ivanka Trump bravely chooses not to believe women while dodging ‘inappropriate questions’ about her father

Nevertheless, she persisted to not listen to women

CONSPIRACY THEORY: #ThrowbackThursday is a government scheme, so you better delete those baby pictures ASAP

It low-key makes sense

There will be NO Black Panther porn parody, according to these three porn stars

I support them!

Your Tinder messages can be exposed to everyone in your contacts thanks to this security screw-up

This would END ME

Here are all of the best (and worst) looks from the 2018 Brit awards

Feathers are in, apparently

We asked the NSA if there were really government agents watching us from our webcams, and they didn’t deny it


USA Swimming covered up years of sexual abuse by hundreds of coaches and officials

They’ve spent millions in legal fees

There’s a ‘Blac Chyna Challenge’ taking over Twitter, but it’s literally just sucking dick


Owners of the real American Horror Story murder house say living there has become a waking nightmare

I hate y’all

We debunked those claims that white people are being violently attacked at Black Panther showings

Print this out and give it to your grandpa

This creep messaged a girl’s MOTHER on Facebook because she ignored him

‘What kind of flowers does she like?’

Nelly’s been hit with a new sexual assault allegation and criminal investigation

This incident took place AFTER the one in Seattle

This girl totally fucked up her Valentines Day and I honestly feel so sorry for her

I’m crying hot tears of pity

Glossier and Drunk Elephant are fighting in Instagram post comments, and I’m LIVING for this drama


27 tweets from Chloe Kim that will make you realize she’s just like you, only way cooler

I love my dog-loving queen!

This woman tried to expose a sexual predator in the photography community, so Instagram deleted HER account

‘Community guidelines’ my ass…

‘She wanted to die on her knees’: A man accused of murdering a teenage girl says she hired him to do it

She put an ad out on Craigslist, he says

This idiot broke up with a woman because he thought her cancer was contagious…

Male stupidity is TRULY boundless

Here’s how to watch someone’s Instagram story without them seeing you’ve seen it

Up your social media creep game

The man Mujey Dumbuya accused of rape had been accused before — but he still worked in her school district

Now he’s a person of interest in her death

A Northwestern professor has been accused of sexual harassment and ‘predatory behavior’

Ten women signed an open letter detailing the alleged sexual misconduct

Molly McLaren did everything to report her stalker ex. So how did he stab her 75 times?

She did everything ‘right’

Watch Chris Crocker talk about his ‘white guilt’ and tell me he’s not our new woke king

He was right about Britney, too!

What the fuck is Taylor Swift planning to do with her new MegaHouse?

Singer, songwriter, real estate mogul?

This guy Catfished a beauty contest to teach women the dumbest lesson ever

I’m tired!

Just a few of the very best reactions to Kylie Jenner’s ICONIC baby reveal


‘How does it feel to be a slave?’ Teacher suspended for stepping on Black students during history lesson

I don’t even know where to start…

Kim just hand-delivered a Valentine’s Day gift to ‘hater’ Taylor Swift, other enemies

P!nk and Piers Morgan made the cut

UPDATE: 12-year-old girl arrested after a middle school shooting in Los Angeles

The suspect was arrested at 8:55 this morning

Inside the world of Premium Snapchat, private NSFW accounts that rake in thousands of dollars

I’m basically halfway there

Rest In Peace: Gabbana Kardashian dead at 14

2004 – 2018

People are comparing Jesus’s love to sexual assault, and they’re even using the #MeToo hashtag

Alright, you’ve gone too far

This douchebag made a sex contract for his fiancée, so she got him evicted and fired

Romance isn’t dead!

‘I love lamp:’ What his pop culture references reveal about what kind of guy he is

Never date a sitcom-lover!

These terrifying relationship horror stories will actually make you grateful you’re single

Humanity is doomed

This bar banned the word ‘literally’ and now I would LITERALLY rather snort anthrax than go there

‘Stop Kardashianism now!’

Can someone please explain WHY we’re letting G-Eazy happen?

Together, we can put a stop to this

Why stop at sunglasses? Fuck it, let’s just make everything small

All small, all the time, baby!

Good afternoon! Tyga put a human-tiger hybrid’s full vagina on his album cover!

I’m so glad Kylie got away from him…

Does anyone else feel like Kylie Jenner has been pregnant for 100 years?

What’s! Under! That! Blanket!

Things you’ll only remember if you went through a ‘Tumblr phase’

Galaxies and pizza and porn! Like, so much porn

Aziz Ansari issues statement denying sexual misconduct

‘I took her words to heart,’ he says

I went on a date with Aziz Ansari. It turned into the worst night of my life

Exclusive — A young photographer told the comedian: ‘I want to make sure you’re aware so maybe the next girl doesn’t have to cry on the ride home’

QUIZ: Plan your ideal 2018, and we’ll tell you what your makeup aesthetic is

I’m a Glossier Girl, baby!