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Pendulum cancel Summer Festiball appearance

B.Traits will replace the group to perform at 1am in the O2 Academy.

Youngest ever PhD student to study in the UK is to study at Leicester

It is believed she is the youngest person to ever read for a doctorate in the UK.

Union Council vote to keep Jay Appleyard in his role

The proposal to Union Council was defeated after failing to reach the required number of votes.

Red Leicester to end its 10 year stint as UoL’s Wednesday night

Wednesday 25th June will be the last Red Leicester event.

Students demand Appleyard resignation and referendum recognition at final council meeting

Decisions made at the last Union Council meeting of the year are to prove to be some of the most important of the year with Jay Appleyard and the political bans taking center stage.

People who claim they don’t do revision are twats

They can’t be trusted, and they’re also probably lying to you…

Sabbs promise the Union will become more open and democratic

The SU Exec team want to do everything they can to increase engagement next year.

University rankings see Leicester fall

Leicester slip back down the rankings after rising four places last year.

Leicester overrun with cannibal rats

“The pest control man says they eat their own babies.”

Lash hound VC criticised after crowdsurfing sports awards and ‘necking wine’

Vice-Chancellor branded the ‘Wolf of Northampton’ after buying jagerbombs and necking shots university sports awards.

Reduced to clear: Tuition fees could be cut to £6,000

Policy shake-up reveals plans for cheaper fees, but threatens higher interest rates for top earning grads

Hook, line and sinker: The very best of our April Fools nibbles

From Sussex to Belfast, Newcastle to Aberystwyth, students across the land have been more than willing to share their opinions about this year’s fake stories

Leaked email says SU Chiefs will turn campus tree into festive phenomenon

The email suggested the tree outside Fielding Johnson would be turned into a Christmas tree to bring festive cheer to students.

Varsity 2014: The Live Blog

Keep up to date with proceedings on the final day of Varsity 2014.

Battle rages on over the boycott of The Sun

The debate over the boycott of The Sun has reached petty lows.

‘The Sun has contributed to rape culture’: Page 3 banned

Students will no longer be able to buy The Sun in university outlets, until the controversial page 3 is removed.

TabTV: Men’s Football Crossbar Challenge

Men’s Football won their varsity match, but could they hit the bar?

Tanned, Toned and Tensing: Mr. University 2014

Never before have so many tanned and glazed men and women paraded themselves to audience.

What on Earth were DMU thinking?

This year DMU’s varsity videos are worse than ever…

Student outrage at the election of Jay Appleyard has prompted a petition calling for his removal from office

The sabbatical election controversy rumbles on…

UNICEF on campus launch Roaring 20’s Ball

UNICEF on campus to host roaring 20’s ball for the first time.

A petition to boycott The Sun in retail outlets is struggling

Plans to boycott The Sun are causing controversy after the appearance of a petition to prevent the ban.

Ex-Presidential Candidate to appear in court over ‘hate crimes’

Leicester student activist on trial accused of “#CopsOffCampus” ‘hate crime’ towards ex-cop security-guard.

Big Muscles on Campus

I spy a BMOC peacock

Your new Sabb team is here!

Students vote in Michael Rubin, Jay Appleyard, Sean Kelly-Walsh and Yordan Nikolov to their exec team.

RESULTS: Who will be your SU President?

Students are leaning towards Michael Rubin for their SU President with just 3 hours remaining.

Dirt dished as Sabbatical elections get nasty

After ‘Appleyardgate’, someone has been very naughty and tried to implicate Harry Wells and Yordan Nikolov in more wrongdoing…

VIDEO: ULSU President candidates release campaign films

…but who will you back?

SU cause election outrage after closing building until vote quota is met

An SU plan to coerce the student population into voting in the sabbatical elections has backfired dramatically.

SU candidate accused of ‘racism & homophobia’ after photos emerge of him blacked up

Experience Officer candidate Jay Appleyard vehemently denies the allegations…

Ripple President and Print News Editor to battle it out in Presidential vote

ULSU sabbatical nominees have been announced. The biggest battle is expected to be Everett vs. Robinson

Leicester academic says rats will grow to be larger than cows

Rats could fill the gaps in our ecosystem if larger mammals start to become extinct.

Leicester Football teams in danger of not playing Varsity matches at the King Power

Both Leicester Football Club’s are in danger of not playing at the King Power Stadium whilst ULWRFC might have to play twice in one day on Varsity Day.

Dan Flatt: This is your life

LUSU launches a campaign to increase the number of election candidates and voters at the upcoming elections.

Leicester Health Chiefs slam shisha as ‘worse than smoking’

Smoking shisha for one hour is the equivalent of smoking 60 cigarettes.

SU Petitions Council over Clarendon Park Tesco Store

“The assumption that students do not care about the city in which we study is wrong” says Sean Kelly-Walsh.

Leicester: A lot of average wankers

Pornhub stats reveal Leicester is pretty average when it comes to the smut

Campaigner Saavedra to visit Leicester on Monday

HOPE not hate have organised a talk held by influential US activist Carlos Saavedra.

David Attenborough: Cherish the natural world, because you depend on it

David Attenborough answered the weird and wonderful questions posed by users of the worlds premier open forum, reddit.

Michael Rubin eats Petting Zoo Pygmy Goat

“It was tasty”

Spotted: No More

Posting inappropriate comments on Leicester ‘Spotted’ pages will land you in serious trouble with the University and the Students’ Union.

Flattulent Sprout Eating Challenge

Use #nameit to come up with a new title for the Green Fund Project.

ULSU wish it could be Christmas every day

…so they can make cheesy videos all the time…

Staff to strike again

There’s a strike tomorrow and there are loads of things for you to do instead of learn…

Reverend and The Makers surprise Beaumont students

Students had an hour to get a crowd together for the impromptu gig.

Hoo-Rah: 10 percent of Leicester students are privately educated

Students at the University of Leicester are less ‘rah’ than you might think.

Tab Tries: Pub Golf…in your house

Pub Golf is a popular social theme for clubs and societies up and down the country, but what happens when you try and play in your own home?

6 weird websites you should visit

A whistle-stop tour through some of the weirdest sites on the internet.

Leicester Basketball team want the full house

Last year the University’s basketball team beat DMU, two out of three times they played against them. This year, they want the treble.

Saudi cleric who says gay people are worse than animals is due to visit Leicester University

Hate preaching cleric describes gays as “filthy” and worse than “dogs and pigs”…

SU sabbs in annual meeting controversy

SU attacked over funding and voting but refuses to answer questions from student leaders…

Going on a Ski and Snowboard holiday should be on your bucket list

Leicester’s Ski and Snowboard Club spill the beans on what their club is like.

University sees minimal strike action

Leicester avoided significant action yesterday as lecturers were on strike over pay.

Storm…what storm?

Leicester escapes the storm that has devastated the south with students spending their day out in the sun.

The Super 2’s will win 112:7

Mens Rugby chat with The Tab about what the coming season has in store.

It’s official: Southerners dominate universities

A HEFCE report says that southerners are more likely to attend university than those from the north.

BUCS and promotion are more important than Varsity

Mens Football took the chance to speak to The Tab about this seasons ambitions.

Who turned the lights out?

Red Leicester struck by mysterious power cut which plunges 65,000 homes into darkness

Farmers Market goes down a storm

Students seized the opportunity to try something new at the Farmers Market.

We’re going to make them cry again

Women’s Rugby speak to The Tab about what the year has in store, including Varsity against DMU…

Zane Lowe stuns Freshers in Fortnight Finale

DJ delivers wonder show to bring Freshers Fortnight to a close.

Reach For the Stars

S Club’s Bradley takes time to chat with students and pour out champagne after Red Leicester set.

Big dawg in big mess

DJ Tim Westwood tells freshers young enough to be his grandchildren to “keep their pussies tight and clean”

Leicester leaps up World Rankings

Leicester University receives more accolades as it rises in the Times Higher Education World University rankings.

Leicester Freshers A-Z 2013, Part 3

The final instalment of the most anticipated Freshers guide since the one provided by the Students’ Union

Banned Lines

Students’ Union bans Blurred Lines for Freshers events

Street Cars delete Twitter account after posting drunk student pic

Leicester Freshers A-Z 2013, Part 2

You’ve already seen part 1, now we’ll take from J to Q before we cover the messy nights out

Leicester Union recognised by Which? Uni Guide

Feelin’ hot hot hot

Leicester Freshers A-Z 2013, Part 1

Want to know the ins and outs of Leicester? Here’s the first part of your guide, A-I. Part two will be available on Thursday!

Union forced to alter Festiball Line-up

Richard’s Last Battle is almost upon us

The legal battle over Richard III burial heats up!

David Wilson says Don’t…

Spending too much time in the library can make you do strange things. Do not give in.

Leicester emerges from the Ice Age!

The sun is revealed to the population of Leicester!

Leicester secure DMU bargain

Leicester buys DMU city-centre site for a knockdown price but won’t say what it’ll be used for

Get yourself clean: Money splashed on sprucing up Granby Street

YMCA and Y theatre at centre of £64,000 renovation project

Remembering Storm Thorgerson

Islamic Society in sexual segregation row

Society under fire after insisting on segregated seating for men and women

Forget criticising and start complimenting

A compliments Facebook page is the lastest craze to hit campus.

Leicester Go Wild for Zoologist Attenborough

University recognise unrivalled wildlife contribution

Report: Motorsport Round 1

Leicester are let down by other Universities mistakes in the first round of the rookie karting but still secure a good result


Controversy as Leicester Motorsports Club battle University bureaucracy!

Video: dire DMU Varsity promos

It’s funny because they’re serious…..Scroll down for video

Varsity 2013: Live!

Keeping you up to minute (almost) with all this years Varsity action.