Spotted! Naked rambler caught on camera

"The breathtaking views were interrupted by a fully naked gentleman"

Stirling’s students have seen the local naked rambler with their own eyes – and their cameras.

Days ago The Tab published an account of its quest for the nude hiker of the Ochil hills, currently wanted by police. We couldn’t find him anywhere.


SPOTTED: Mike Robertson’s photo of the naked rambler

But Mike Robertson, a fourth-year Stirling criminology student, had found him – eleven months ago. While he was there, Mike even managed to take a photo of the rambler.

“I got quite a shock when, stood atop the summit of Dumyat, the breathtaking views were interrupted by the arrival of a fully naked gentleman,” said Mike. “He was wearing only a woolly hat. I made a swift departure.”

The rambler has been reportedly been active for some time, so even though the photo is old it is almost certainly the same naked man.


WRONG: How we thought the rambler might look. Actually, he has a rucksack and – depending on the weather – a woolly hat

Jessica Scriven, a former Stirling student, did not manage to get a photo with the rambler – because he started chatting to her.

Jessica, a keen hiker of the Ochil hills, said on Facebook: “I was trying to avoid him by pretending to look at something interesting in the grass… he stopped and talked to me.”

She added that he was wearing “nothing but trainers and a rucksack” – just like the man in Mike’s photo.

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